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Zabasearch, Best people search engine, People search engine

Zabasearch: Best People Search Engine

When it comes to the free people searches with free information, then Zabasearch is one of the best people search engine that comes to our mind. But many people don’t know how to use this free people search engine called Zabasearch. So here we will guide you about how to use zabasearch and give you some important information about it. The best thing about the Zabasearch is that you don’t have to register an account or pay money to get information about any individual. Along these lines, Zabasearch is speedy and free people search engines.

What is Zabasearch Premium?

Zabasearch premium is a free premium version of the people search engine which is open for every person who is using a Facebook account with zabasearch. Hence, people get accurate quickly. So, there is also a drawback that you won’t be able to run background checks or use the search by phone number feature for free.

How does Zabasearch find information?

The ZabaSearch site discovers personal information through open methods. This could include property records, Yellow Pages, White Pages, marketing forms, sweepstakes entries, social networking profiles, personal sites, voter registration records, and that’s just the beginning.

It’s critical to make the qualification that ZabaSearch doesn’t have any of this information; it just makes it simpler to discover this data by gathering it in one central area.

While helpful, ZabaSearch is to some degree controversial due to its confusing reputation with uncovering private, sensitive information. In all actuality, ZabaSearch just indexes information that is as of now accessible online for anybody to discover.

How to search for people on Zabasearch?

There are different ways to find people on Zabasearch:

Zabasearch: Search by Name

Zabasearch, Best people search engine, People search engine

You can find someone’s information by searching their names on Zabasearch; just enter their full name in the textbox on the homepage. Give the state name, if you know in which state that particular person lives, choose it from the list or else you can select all 50 states.

Zabasearch: Search by Phone Number

Zabasearch, Best people search engine, People search engine

Another way to find information on Zabasearch is to use the phone number of that particular person, either from the Homepage or go to Reverse Phone Lookup page.  You might do this if you are not sure who called you or you are interested in seeing if a reverse phone number search of your own number shows your information.

Zabasearch: Use an Advanced Search

Zabasearch, Best people search engine, People search engine

Using this Zabasearch’s Advanced search for common names tool that will drastically narrow down the results. Here, you can give full information about the person like first name, last name, middle name, city and state name. After then, you can filter the results further by giving age, if you don’t know the age of a person; just leave All Ages filter selected.

How to protect your personal data online in Zabasearch?

There are some general rules to follow in the event that you are worried about other people accessing your personal contact and other information. Here is a portion of the essential ones to remember to shield your data safe from prying eyes.

  • Be cautious about the personal data you share when rounding out online forms
  • Continuously read the term of service and the privacy policy of an online service before signing up for it
  • Utilize a VPN when browsing and utilizing the internet
  • Try not to impart your private details to people online
  • Try not to share your personal info through methods which are not verify

How to Remove your information from Zabasearch

If your own details on Zabasearch are not correct or if you don’t want others to find your personal information on the site, you can request to remove what they have on you.

How to remove personal information from Zabasearch

It is essential to understand that when zabasearch blocks your information from appearing on search results, that only works on Zabasearch’s website, not the original locations where the website found the information. In short, you will want to remove your personal information from the other sites too if that concerns you.


The above information about Zabasearch, the best people search engine is all I can give. And don’t worry about the privacy problem. They won’t misuse your identity or personal information. They just provide information which is already in public, still be careful to step into the internet world, since it is full of hackers. Hope you like the post and if you have any queries, then please let us know in the comment.

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