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Wix vs. Squarespace: The key differences

Wix and Squarespace are two well-known website builders which let you make your own one of a kind website without requiring progressed (or even moderate) tech skills. Squarespace is curated and designy. Wix is incidentally chaotic however considers a great deal of opportunity to customize. We direct our very own examination to choose which website builder is best for various purposes. So, now, we should look at Wix vs. Squarespace.

Wix vs. Squarespace

The Editor

The most evident contrast among Wix vs. Squarespace is the editor. Squarespace gives you a chance to drag elements (called Content Blocks) all over the page and into columns—yet there’s an utmost. You can’t simply drag elements anyplace on the page. There’s an inherent and sensible structure that you remain inside. Wix, then again, is a blank canvas. You can drag any component anyplace on your page—there’s no structure keeping you down. Having the option to drag elements anyplace on a page is liberating yet can cause issues.

In most blank canvas website builders, the elements would simply cover. The issue is once I evacuate the content, the elements underneath don’t return up once more—fixing that can be dreary if your page is long. This isn’t an issue you would discover in Squarespace’s structured editor.


Squarespace offers a wide selection of elements (called Content Blocks). Everyone is insightful and fully featured. A standout amongst the most astute Squarespace content blocks is the Restaurant Menu. Eatery menus are a test for website builders since they have surprising organizing. So Squarespace made an imaginative markup language that naturally changes over into a beautiful eatery menu. It’s a basic and rich answer for a dubious issue.


Wix has a gigantic selection of elements. All that you could need is here—in addition to more. On one hand, a few clients will love the opportunity. Be that as it may, the incredible thing with Wix is that it’s so flexible. There’s such an expansive selection of elements: route choices, shapes, arrows, lines, icons and loads of buttons. You could even structure your own topic without any preparation—which is something you can’t do with Squarespace.


Website builders often advertise a low monthly rate that’s actually the annual rate partitioned by twelve. It’s confusing, I know. The real monthly rate is often higher. Squarespace is truly transparent about this—it’s in that spot on their evaluating page.

Wix isn’t exactly as transparent. They don’t make it clear that the prices you’re seeing are the annual rate partitioned by twelve.

As you can see, annual plans are cheaper than monthly plans and often incorporate a free domain name—so on the off chance that you plan to have a website long-term there are strong incentivizes to choose an annual plan.


So the comparison among Squarespace and Wix plans really begins with Wix’s unlimited plan and Squarespace’s Personal Plan—these are the first two plans to offer unlimited bandwidth. They have the same monthly cost ($16/month) yet Squarespace offers a cheaper annual plan.


Themes are a genuine example of the differences between Squarespace and Wix. Squarespace provides a curated set of around 70 themes with a clear look and feel.

Wix offers 500+ themes with more variety in quality. Plus they give you an enormous level of adaptability.


Squarespace’s themes are subjective; however, I think they have the best themes of any website builder. Themes are clean, present day and great at showcasing photos. Squarespace has a phenomenal style customization apparatus. It’s a cunning snap to reveal options system (see the video below). It manages to be both flexible and easy to use.

With Wix, you can’t change your template without losing all your content—which is unusual. Most website builders let you do this. So when choosing your subject, make sure it’s the one you want. The great thing about Wix is that you can really customize themes—to the point where you can even design your very own topic from scratch.


Squarespace has the best blogging of any website builder. On the off chance that the primary purpose of your site is blogging, just use Squarespace. It isn’t so much that Wix’s blogging is bad—Wix actually has a better than average blog editor. It looks somewhat out-dated yet all that you need is incorporated (scheduled posts, post tags and categories, drafts and Disqus and Facebook comments).


I just suggest Squarespace for blogging because they have phenomenal blogging. Squarespace supports a long list of features: post tagging, categories, drafts, comments, moderation, customizable URLs and more. And they go a step further by adding support for contributors with various roles (example: remark moderation, content editor) and even numerous authors on a single post—a minor feature however handy for a team!


Squarespace has the best web-based business of any website builder (Weebly is second best). There’s a long list of features:

  • Digital Products
  • Customizable email receipts
  • Checkout customization
  • Taxes
  • Customer accounts
  • Gift vouchers

… Plus many more

Be that as it may, it’s not just about the features—because like everything Squarespace does, it’s also natural. Wix also has great ecommerce—however it’s just not as completely featured or natural as Squarespace. For example, I wasn’t able to edit the email receipts customers receive. These are the sort of limitations that keep me from suggesting it.


At last the thing that matters is about inclination: Wix offers a high level of control—to the point where you could even plan your own subject sans preparation. Squarespace is significantly more of a curated level of control—they offer smart, well-designed defaults that you can use confidently.


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