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Key Factors to Consider While Shopping for a Wireless Surveillance System

Buying a robust wireless surveillance system for protecting your business could be a pretty overwhelming and challenging process. Today you are faced with a host of different options, tech lingo, and features. So, choosing a surveillance system that fits your bill is certainly a complicated process. Here are some of the key factors to consider while choosing the right wireless security system for your business.  

IP versus Analog

While buying the wireless surveillance system for your office or business premises, first of all, you need to decide whether you would be opting for an analog or IP security camera. It is a tough decision to make but experts recommend IP security cameras.

In this context, professionals point out that the IP cameras generally feature a broader field of view, enhanced picture quality, ability to operate each camera remotely, and also, advanced zooming capabilities. Moreover, IP cameras are connected to a switch which in turn would be connected to a specific network video recorder that is instrumental in reducing the necessity for frequent maintenance.

As far as, analog cameras are concerned, they would be functioning properly provided each camera would be sending its feed directly to the digital video recorder. This could result in maintenance requirements and some complications. Moreover, analog cameras fail to assure you of providing top class image quality and other finer capabilities that IP cameras would be otherwise, providing you.

Resolution Issues

Wireless surveillance systems must provide high-resolution images. In this context, we appreciate that image quality of your digital surveillance system is evaluated in terms of megapixels. It is believed that when the megapixel count is high, the quality of the image is bound to be much better. We understand that security cameras actually are available in a broad spectrum of recorded footage quality that is always measured in megapixels.

Remember that higher resolution is certainly better as compared to lower resolution but it would be more expensive and would be occupying more storage space. In case, you do not have a heavy budget for investing in a high-resolution video security & surveillance system, you could still choose a lower resolution one provided it is good enough to catch all necessary details. Your ultimate decision would be dependent on factors such as the size of your business and your personal choice and inclination. Choose the best surveillance system Philadelphiafor perfect security solutions for your business.


Lighting would make the real difference. It is important to keep your establishment well lit all through the night as lighting quality is the key factor that would make a huge difference in the actual quality of your recorded footage. If you are unable to invest in the more expensive and advanced version of the surveillance system that promises the highest resolution, you need to at least, keep your property well-illuminated at all times.

Deterrent Capabilities & Alarm

Wireless surveillance systems often come equipped with advanced recognition software for identifying and eliminating potential threats. Cutting-edge wireless surveillance systems would be initiating immediate and effective on-site deterrents, as soon as, a threat has been identified. For instance, some of the best deterrents would include alarms, recorded messages, and strobe lights that effectively drive troublemakers and intruders away.


The impressive array of cameras that are currently available in the market and their exceptional deterrent capabilities actually, make wireless security & surveillance systems really a dependable and competent option for boosting business security.

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