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Why is it important to have a good looking website?

In this age, when you need things it could be a product or service, you turn instantly to the internet. With the click of a few buttons, you are presented with thousands of available websites and options for whatever you need. Most times you select the first link that comes up on the search. Going to that website, it might have exactly what you need but there is something that would make you leave the website and not patronise that particular option. What could make you leave is a website that is not appealing.

Even in instances when you search specifically for a particular business, you could still end up not patronising the business if the website does not appeal to you or it does not have a proper layout. Website visitors want to open a site and be presented with a great layout, easy to navigate, easy on the eyes in terms of colour, great combination of typos and pictures. When these qualities are lacking in your website or there is no proper combination of them all, you would have fewer visitors and most likely no return visitors to your site.

The importance of having a good looking website is unarguable. This is because when visitors come to your website this is the first impression they will form about your business. When this first impression is bad, it would affect how they talk or refer to your business to other potential customers. This is not to say only business that are in sales need or have website. On the contrary, other types of businesses like blogs who are into providing information on a diverse range of topics also need to have good looking websites otherwise they would see little or no traffic.

It isn’t enough that you physical location looks good. Most businesses are guilty of this. Their physical location looks appealing, the customer service is top notch, the goods or products are arranged in an easy to navigate pattern on the store floor, these goods and products are all properly labelled to make it easy for customers to find what they need but heading to their website what would be easy to find is directions to their physical store. Well, this isn’t the best as most visitors would not think of heading to your physical store when your website isn’t up to standard.

A good looking website should be well-organized in terms of layout. It should follow a grid pattern. Making it easy for visitors to virtually walk their way around the pages. It should also be clean in terms of fonts used and the imagery employed. The colour also most blend nicely into each other without repelling the visitor from your website. All this would comes together to motivate the visitor to do business with you and also serve as a promoter from them to other individuals who do not know about your business. Because your website is good it makes it easy for visitors to use.

Since you would be accessing the website most times through the use of a mobile device, there is the need for it to look good on mobile. It can be pretty frustrating when a website is not designed for mobile. Imagine accessing a website and it imagery and fonts are to large which points to a desktop version only for your website. User experience would be zero. If asked to return to your site most users would answer in the negative. This is ultimately not good for your business and lead to bad reviews on places like Best Reviews Guide.  

Another crucial reason why you need a good looking website is competition. No matter how innovative your product or service is, even when you are the first to enter into that market or line, soon enough other businesses similar to yours will come into the market. When visitors or users of your website find yours unattractive, they would immediately switch to your competition. If it is for the aim of purchasing a product, then you have lost a sale. if your website is for passing information to the general public, then you have moved traffic to your competition.

Often times when someone visits your site, they have a singular objective in mind, say to buy a pair of shoes. Now, having a good looking website which has the capability to keep a visitor there, could also motivate the visitor to change this singular objective to plural. Without knowing, this visitor to your website might turn to a repeat customer. So, a good looking website which has a good layout, easy to navigate, perfect colour combination has the power to change the reason why a visitor accesses your site. This turn could be in a positive way or negative.

A good looking website also conveys a level of professionalism to visitors or users to your website. Keeping your website, clean, easy to navigate, optimized pictures which helps to make your website load faster, it is mobile friendly portrays a good image to customers. It shows you take your business seriously and forms the impression that users are dealing with professionals. This inspires confidence for your brand or business by your potential or even converted customers. Professionalism is key when running any kind of business as people want to be sure they are in the right hands.

No matter the aim or objective any business is trying to achieve in this present times, the use of a good looking website is a must. This is the age of the internet, every kind of service and product known to man can be bought online. There are therefore thousands of businesses which offer similar products and services available online. What differentiates them is the quality of their websites. Customers would likely patronise those websites which are appealing to them in terms of navigation, imagery, typos, layout as against those who do not meet these standards.

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