Why GPS Tracking Devices Are Important for Fleet Management


In the business world today, the only way one can succeed is by being on par with technology. Technology has made several activities much more straightforward. Besides this, it has enhanced the security and monitoring of activities. Global positioning systems, commonly abbreviated as GPS trackers, are mobile devices used for real-time tracking. GPS trackers can give the exact location and speed of a fleet at a given time.

GPS can give real-time information about the speed of the device by the use of a network of satellites that are specifically designed to perform this function. The mode of the functionality of a GPS tracker and a car navigation system is the same. However, the difference between them occurs in the information provided by each.

For a navigation system, it only provides information about the direction and real-time location of the vehicle. On the other hand, GPS trackers provide information about the position of the car alongside the speed it’s moving at and even the number of passengers in a given vehicle when using advanced systems. In addition to that, GPS can save the information for future reference.

Due to the ease and efficiency with which the GPS tracking devices function, it has made them essential tools for fleet managers as there are numerous advantages for using them. A courier company provides parcel delivery services, and therefore, time is a critical factor to client’s satisfaction. Some of the reasons why tracking devices are quite essential in the running of a courier business include:

Real-Time Location of the Vehicle and Products

Once a customer has sent some goods, they are always anxious to know the exact location of the products and the exact time that they are expected to be delivered. Before the popularity of GPS tracking devices, courier companies approximated the delivery time of the goods.

However, at times, the products could be delivered much later, leading to customer dissatisfaction. GPS devices are capable of providing the real-time location of a truck, hence making it possible for the courier company to provide the exact delivery time to the customer. Always remember that for a courier company, customer satisfaction is a result of precise time delivery.

Increase Vehicle, Goods, and Employee’s Safety

Apart from delivering products in time, it should be in perfect condition. GPS tracking devices can monitor every activity that takes place in the vehicle. Therefore, the fleet manager can know when the driver is driving carelessly, which may lead to breakages of fragile goods.

Remember, for your courier company to thrive and have more customers, it has to maintain a good reputation. You don’t want to deliver goods in a broken state, or in the case of perishables, past their expiration dates.

Reduces Fuel Consumption

The most significant expenditure for a courier company is fuel. Therefore, once your company can minimize fuel expenditure, you will automatically have an increment in the amount of the company’s profit. GPS can monitor the mileage traveled by a vehicle and the quantity of fuel consumed.

If there are any abnormalities in the fuel consumption, then it means that the car needs to be serviced. Apart from that, driver idleness also is a significant contributor to high fuel consumption. With the ability to monitor the vehicle, the manager is capable of reducing unnecessary idleness, hence saving a considerable amount of fuel.  

Human Resource Management

GPS trackers store data regarding the driver’s driving habits. This information can come in quite handy, especially when you are conducting performance evaluation. Besides this, you can select which refresher course is appropriate for the driver.

Additionally, you can know how many hours the driver spent behind the wheel. This is very essential when coming up with the payroll.

Boost Efficiency

Efficiency is significant when it comes to chopping off extra business expenses. GPS trackers will help you select the shortest route. Not only that, but the driver can know which routes are traffic jam prone and avoid them to save time.

This will lead to faster deliveries and improved customer satisfaction. The company will also save on fuel expenses and driver will get ample time to rest and get ready for the next trip.

Better Communication

With GPS trackers, both the client and fleet manager can monitor the driver’s progress. This minimizes the number of calls between driver and manager as was the case in past days. Ideally, this reduces communication expenses. The client can also monitor their goods comfortably through their mobile phone.


Installing GPS trackers is one step towards improving your business productivity. The tracker gives the fleet manager control over their driver’s activities while she or he is on the road. This improves security both for the employees and your assets. Your clients can also monitor the progress of their goods until they arrive at their doorstep.


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