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Why Consider Professional SEO Services From Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland should be considered as a source of internet marketing services for businesses across the United Kingdom for two main reasons, cost and quality. The Northern Ireland economy is still recovering from a lack of investment that took place throughout the history of the troubles and therefore the average income in Northern Ireland is the lowest of any region in the UK. Why is this good news for businesses in the rest of the UK? Because SEO services are expensive and you can get the same service for less in Northern Ireland. 

Engaging an SEO company or consultant in London will cost a business £3000 per month for a starter package. Companies can charge this because ultimately it represents a good return on investment for the client company, but SEO agencies in London have to pay their staff London wages and they have to pay London rent and rates on their business properties. Companies in Northern Ireland don’t have to face the same costs and so can offer their services for a lower amount.

But is There a Difference in Quality?

There’s a difference in quality between the level of service between businesses in different sectors across different regions and there always will be. But is there some inherent difference in quality between business in London and businesses in Northern Ireland? Not necessarily. Northern Ireland, despite not have as strong an economy as other areas of the UK has some of the best schools in the UK and some of the best exam results in the UK. 

And engaging a professional SEO services Northern Ireland company that has extensive experience in the industry, proven track records with clients in a multitude of niches is one way that businesses in the UK can boost their visibility across the internet and ultimately make more money.  Because search engine optimisation is an entirely digital process it doesn’t create any business restrictions by hiring an SEO agency that is not in the same region as a business. 

Communication can be lead by video calls and detailed reports of deliverables on a monthly basis ensure any business owner that an extremely high level or work is being completed in a timely manner. Everyone knows that SEO can take time, but with the best performing SEO agencies, such as SEO Services NI, a client company can expect to see significant improvements within 3 months. 

It makes business sense to engage an SEO company in Northern Ireland that will do the same job as a company in London but for half the price. Fundamentally it’s a no-brainer. 

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