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What are the causes of migraine

Migraine headache comes with a severe pain that usually affects one side of the head. Once a patient suffers from the effects of migraine headaches, they are likely to experience symptoms that might include: nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to the bright environment, and noise. Migraine attacks can last for hours or days unless it’s relieved with the appropriate treatment solution that can stop migraines.

Is migraine contagious

Migraine headaches are not contagious, it is a type of headache that’s being triggered by certain external effects on the body. Most of the migraine headache transmission is hereditary being transmitted from parents to their children.

Types of migraine

The symptoms of every migraine headaches are similar to each other and come with a constant throbbing or pulsating feeling that affects one side of the head. These similarities in symptoms make it hard to determine the cause unless a thorough examination is conducted by a neurologist to determine the intensity, location, frequency, and cause. 

Here are the types of migraine headaches:

  • The primary headache

 It can be described as a common headache that’s not related to any disorder or condition and have no aura. There’s no doubt that the underlying pain during this type of headache can be disturbing and dangerous as a secondary headache but tends to disappear after a few days. The pain associated with the primary headache can easily disappear after taking medicine because the pain only affects the outer part of the head due to inflammation of the sensitive parts of the body like the nerves, vessels, and others. 

  • The secondary headache

It’s caused by a disorder or condition that triggers the pain by affecting either the sensitive parts of the head or neck. Unlike primary headaches that people experience regularly, the secondary headache only happens to people with serious conditions like brain tumors and Aneurysm.

causes of migraine

There are several things that can cause the effect of migraines on an individual. These severe effects of migraine headaches can easily hinder the lifestyle of any individual with its effects, which include: 

  • Bright lights
  • Dehydration
  • Weather changes
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress
  • skipping meals
  • Noise
  • Alcohol
  • processed foods

things to do to get free from migraine

  • Eat regularly

Not everyone prefers taking medications when they are sick or in pain. So, to prevent and stop your common cold migraine, you should eat regular natural foods and learn more about how to avoid migraines. It is important you avoid processed foods, wines, and other foods that might make your condition worse. The natural food you eat must include lots of veggies and proteins to help you recuperate and stop migraine! Eat veggies and proteins as much as you can, while exploring other solutions for treating migraine.

  • Avoid noise and bright light

As indicated above concerning the triggers of migraines are associated with the patient being exposed to loud sound and bright light. Therefore, to get this annoying headache gone as soon as possible, it’s important to avoid loud environments with bright light. Implementing this method will help relieve your migraine pain and keep you comfortable as the healing process continues.

  • Exercise regularly

There are many benefits associated with exercise to the human body. Exercising regularly won’t only help you stop migraine, as it can also ensure that your body system remains healthy. Exercising regularly helps with the improvement of blood flow along with the reduction of muscle tension in the body, which is what anyone suffering from migraines needs to relieve its pain.


It’s important to always contact a medical specialist whenever you’re going through this annoying pain caused associated with migraines headaches. Also, with the implementation of the above natural solutions, while desisting from the causes of migraines, you can easily have a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

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