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VPN for Netflix

Using Free VPN for Netflix Access and iOS devices

Netflix actually used IP tracking to determine which all movies or TV shows can be streamed for the users of that region. The provider also compares the IP of your device with the list provided by the third-party database to check whether you are connected to any VPN server. So, if you are using a VPN which is listed and cannot bypass the blockage, then you will simply get the streaming error message on using Netflix.

Netflix started enforcing the VPN blocks recently as a result of the industry pressure to uphold its distribution agreements the movie houses and TV channels. The providers don’t want to entertain the users to gain free access to their content in other regions.

So, now many of the VPNs available cannot bypass the IP blocks. So, even if you are using a VPN for anonymous browsing, still you may not be able to get access to your favorite movie of the show, which is banned at your country. However, you need not have to worry as the best VPNs out there can surely bypass these measures.

A quick list of top Netflix VPNs

Here is the latest list of free VPN for Netflix, which can be best used effectively for Netflix streaming.

1. NordVPN

You can explore content from various countries using this VPN and also forget about the slow network connections.

2. ExpressVPN

Streaming with Netflix is made a breeze with Express VPN, which is not the fastest VPN in the market. The provider refreshes its servers and IPs from times to time to bypass the VPN blocks by Netflix.

3. CyberGhost

The ‘Unblock Streaming’ option of CyberGhost will give you a custom list of geoblocked streaming applications including Netflix which works best on it.

4. PrivateVPN

An ideal choice for beginners in Network VPN streaming. You can get access to the Netflix libraries from across the globe.

Free VPNs for iOS

There are plenty of VPNs available for iPhone. Here, we will discuss a few top popular choices in free VPN for iOS.

1. ProtonVPN Free

Offering unlimited and free bandwidth, Proton VPN also gives priority to user privacy. However, lately, it’s seen that the servers are pretty busy all the time and it also allows connection to servers on a very few locations.

2. HideMe

This popular VPN for iOS offers free 2GB per month and some notable privacy options for the users to avail. The cons are the Iffy support options, and the premium upgrade of HideMe is very costly. As the name suggests, HideMe values the privacy of the users above all. In terms of security also, HideME is one of the best considerations to make.

3. HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Sheild offers 1GB of free service per day. It is very fast and has a solid antivirus protection shield also. The drawback is that it connects to only a few numbers of servers in the free version. The biggest advantage is that HotSpot doesn’t have any restriction to the free users too in terms of its speed. For light users, it’s an affordable and generous option to consider.

Even though all of them may look similar at the outset, there are many specific features to look for based on your personal needs.

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