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Best Tumblr Alternatives

If you love creating and compose blogs with different content more often than not then Tumblr or Tumblr alternatives destinations are the best free choices for you. So, if you realize you are an imaginative individual and you can make interesting content to draw in a gathering of specific people at that point blogging is perhaps the best alternative to let out your innovativeness and Tumblr is the best for you. In this article, we are going to disclose to you probably the best sites like Tumblr or Tumblr alternatives locales that will be the best for you if you are looking to create your blog or site that can pull in more users or visitors.

Best Tumblr Alternatives


WordPress is the best Tumblr alternatives. WordPress lets you create unforgettable sites pretty much anything, any category or themes you need to cover in your own blog. You can create your very own WordPress, have your very own URL speck WordPress for your site and like blogger creates your very own blog. What’s more, you can likewise find others’ blogs on WordPress and offer their blogs too. It has all that you have to do inside seconds or minutes. You can truly get up a site for yourself and start blogging and doing a free plan. There’s totally free and afterward clearly the paid versions that offer many more features too. Be that as it may, it is an extraordinary application to start if you need to get into blogging.


Weebly is assembled more with functionality features in it. It is totally free and you can create your site and blog on this webpage. It supports every one of the devices so you would now be able to create your astonishing blog directly from your Android or iOS device. Users can without much of stretch upload photos from their device with drag and drop web designer design. Weebly is exceptionally easy and smooth that you can undoubtedly publish your musings and monitor the activity of your site. Weebly is actually an extraordinary Tumblr alternative if you are hoping to start your blog for free. If you need to create a site for your business the Weebly is an extraordinary alternative for you too in light of the fact that there are a lot of themes on the website like online store, personal, and some more.


Blogger is accepted to be extraordinary compared to other Tumblr alternatives. Blogger lets you distribute your interest, your passions, your own kind ways, and anything that you have in your mind. You can create and design beautiful blogs and it’s in support of free. Clearly, with free service, the functionality isn’t all there yet they’re straightforward blogs that you can start posting your very own content picking a unique design and get a free domain. You can even start procuring some cash if your blog gets famous. So, it’s a fun application if you’re looking into getting blogging.


Medium is the blogging webpage you should choose. You can say that it is superior to Tumblr about the idea of the content. Medium Partner Program to acquire from your arrangements and contemplations. Medium isn’t a Tumblr alternative that you’ll not find it as social as the last mentioned, in any case, in any case, it is an extraordinary stage for journalists, authors, and content writer.


If you’re looking for a basic yet powerful Tumblr alternative, look no more remote than Typepad. Having been around for a long while, it is utilized by major names, for example, ABC, MSNBC, and the BBC to have their blogs. Getting started is simple, and there are various built-in analytics tools to give you the best thought of stats on your blogs. Typepad offers a free trial, however despite everything you’re required to give payment details to it.

Mastodon (open-source websites like Tumblr)

Mastodon is a ton like Twitter in the manner it functions with people making posts on the site, following interesting people, and getting followed by people who discover them interesting. Like Tumblr, you can make posts on Mastodon, and simply like Tumblr, others can like your posts, repost them, and make comments. The user interface here isn’t a ton like Tumblr to be reasonable, however, it has a great deal in like manner to the extent features go.


So, these are probably the best tumbler alternatives that you can use to start blogging or create your site for personal or business purposes. Additionally, there’s small denying the way that it’s equipped more towards teenagers and easy-going bloggers. In any case, if you’re looking forward to having Tumblr’s features with a touch of customization afforded by cutting edge blogging platforms, the above alternatives are going to serve you fine and dandy. So, give them a shot, and converse with us in the comments below.

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