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Top 5 Reasons for Apps Failing

There are numerous apps currently in the market.

But if you take a deeper look, you’ll notice that a very few apps make a mark in their respective market.

So, what’s the reason behind the failure of these numerous applications?

Mobile app industry is visualizing severe growth since the huge wave of hi-fi smartphones have landed on the market. Statista says, there are almost 2.1 million applications present in the Google Play Store and around 2 million applications are present in the App Store of apple, making it the second largest application market, globally, after Google’s Play Store.

But this high number of applications doesn’t mean that such applications are of good enough quality.

And this is one of the major reasons of app failure.

So, let’s get into the details.

1. Why Apps Fail?Lack of Dedication

So, as you plan to build an app, what you need to do is start with the research.

Yes, make it research driven instead of fund-driven.

Get into the respective market, visit several forums, check if there is enough scope for your application, check if people feel a requirement for your application.

Now, as you move on towards your goal, check, if you have a proper plan of executing what you had ideated with your research.

Also, check how much competition your application has to face in that particular market.

Now, check if your app can solve the main problem of its potential users, and analyze how much amount is required to bring the application to life.

A continuous rerunning needs to be done, and it is quite advantageous to unceasingly match up with the requirements of your target users.

You need a dedicated team with unceasing devotion to figure out the available scope of your app.

2. Believe in What You Are Doing

Are you creating your application just because y0ou have nothing else to do?

Well, if you are, then let me tell you that there are already a good number of applications present in the market that haven’t received results that are fruitful enough, and with this kind of faith, it will be quite hard for your application to make a mark on the corresponding market.

At first, you and your team need to believe in the app idea. If you have lack of faith towards your application, you will end up failing and trust me, nobody can help.

If your team doesn’t believe in your idea, it can never match up to the requirements.

You and your developers need to be on the same page when it is about positivity towards your project and belief in the app idea to make things go up to a philosophical success. Team work is very important and help you and your team in setting up new benchmarks developing an app and should concentrate on creating an operative hands-on user experience.

3. Lack of Proper Plans While Marketing the Product

How will your users get to know of your application until you place your application in the market itself?

Marketing your application is one of the most important factors while you are looking to succeed in your app development process.

Now to craft a proper plan you’d require a strong budget and some good pieces of amazing content.

No need to craft complex marketing strategies.

Like the way, we have seen the mobile application market boom in the recent years, the life span of a certain app down to a much bigger extent. And this is where your marketing strategies come into action.

You need to notice that there is a silver lining between making up to the download expectations and making a prominent mark on the users from the crowd of numerous useless applications.

And, to do that, craft a marketing plan that can surefire your application like anything.

4. Bad UX

Will you agree to use an app further if you find it like solving a puzzle? You won’t, right?

Yes, that’s the thing. To make users happy enough with your application and make them stick to your application you desperately need to work on the UX of your application to make it user-friendly enough.

While downloading your application, your users will expect to get the best experience of their life using your application, but if they find its UX pretty hectic then they will surely opt out of using your application and they will end up uninstalling your application.

Now how to understand which are the issues that can freak your users out?

No need to scratch your head as I am here to help you out.

The specific UX problems are,

  • Issues with performance
  • Taking too much time to get registered
  • Too long loading time
  • Finding it difficult to access internal features
  • Poor User Interface

If you become successful in dodging such loopholes, then you will be able to please your users with your application.

5. Reluctant Backend

It requires a good amount of research and technical knowledge and experience to build an application that can match up to the expectations of your users.

You need to strategize several features, functionalities, a good monetary investment, a surefire marketing plan that can fire your application higher than any other application. All this when summed up, can make an application that exceeds the expectations of its clients.

You need to brainstorm a lot to make an app that has marvelous features.

You require summing up a team of mobile app developers with good prior experience who can analyze upcoming problems and has the expertise enough of matching up with the latest technological trends.

You also require testing your newly developed apps, again and again, to make things sure that your app runs well without any errors and bugs.


Developing a mobile application requires much research, expertise and dedication.

And, I hope that this article has helped you enough in solving your queries about why applications fail.

If you have any further queries, you can just give us a call and book a free consultation. We are a leading mobile app development company with expert developers.

Amit Sharma is a writer & blogger working with Appzdevelopment. In his corporate life, he writes many blogs and articles on Android Development, IoS development, and many more.

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