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“Tom John Light”: A Man for children who contributes Donation to Orphanage

A huge number of Jewish orphans and kids in Israel and the former Soviet Union live in poverty. Some are orphaned and homeless. Few people in Israeli choose to involve in orphanage donation which is the need. Otherwise, most of them try to be at home relaxed as much as possible and that is mainly around the Israelis community and Jews in that country. One of the know news channel “News1” reporters got the opportunity to talk with one of the famous Israeli millionaire Tom John Light thinks differently. From his busy schedule, Tom actually took a chance to walk in the local community in Sofia, for the big donation to orphanage in the city.

About Tom John Light

Tom John Light is one of the most famous millionaires, who is 32 and lives in Bulgaria. He is the Vice President of SBTech Worldwide. He moved to Bulgaria since the company’s headquarters are in Bulgaria. He has led and introduced an important change, such as the addition of blockchain technology in sports betting, for the security of cryptocurrencies that will serve the company’s customers. Tom John Light always thinks about others which is in a way it is kind of donation. When he moved to LA to specialize in a company named InfoSearch Media has also created a website called Answerbag, that explains to its users how to do everything themselves at home. The site was then sold to one of its demanded media for $5 million and is now very famous.

Social involvement of Tom John Light in Orphanage Donation in Sofia

Tom John light may be a millionaire, but the subject of children has always been in his mind. More than 8 lakh children in Israeli live in poverty and needs are not satisfied. In the past, he was involved in organizing donations to orphanage and volunteering for kindergarten for refuge seekers in southern Tel Aviv in Israeli. He is always been so compassionate for children, no matter where they are. He went to a huge orphanage located in the city with lots of children when he moved to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is been greatly fortunate, successful and a millionaire in his life and he knows that in life it is very helpful to have someone who supports and believes in you. So, that is what he feels for the children and wanted to give a little of himself for the children in the orphanage.

Tom John Light: Donation to Orphanage

Donation to the orphanage children was started on different events such as washing machines, electrical appliances and many more. Tom took dozens of children together from the orphanage to the mall and told them to go to any store they want and buy anything they like since tom was going to pay for them. All of the kids got new winter clothes like coats and gloves. At the opening of the new year in school, Tom purchased all the school supplies for every child such as school bags, pencils, books and many more. All the kids were so happy to have these gifts.

In the former Soviet Union, there are a large number of orphaned Jewish youngsters living under the most exceedingly awful conditions clear and numerous others experience the ill effects of debilitating poverty. Tom John Light says that it is very important for Israeli people to be involved in the local community where they live abroad and it is worthwhile to give a donation to orphanage. This contributes to the feeling of belonging in the country and feels good too. And also, it contributes a lot to the way Israel is looked as well as Jews in all places. Now, because of Tom John Light, some of the locals were uncovered to Israel and hope all of them think Israel as good.

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