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Tips To Building An Authority Website

Having just a website is not enough these days. Moreover, it’s essential to get the authority to the site and to improve the trust of the audience. Especially when many scamsters can fool around your site and ruin the security. Read through and know more details about:

What is a Website Authority?

A website that is trusted by its audience, industry experts, and search engines is called an Authorised site. The main focus of this metric is to give the users safe and secure browsing experience. This is also one of the most influential factors in terms of SEO. Website Authority is a metric provided by Moz to define a website’s security level.

A website with competent website authority can improve the SEO score, wherein the poorly scored ones can ruin SEO strength. This helps to rank the website top in the search engine page results and eventually to get more traffic to your website. But what are the factors that can provide a functional website score? Let’s see some tips on how to hack your website’s authority:

Factors that are influential in the website’s authority:

Just like all the other features of SEO, Website authority, too, depends on several factors to give a good score. And here’s how you can achieve it:

  • Keywords: As we all know, keywords play an essential role in terms of SEO, and so is in authority building. But this can go wrong if you stuff the keywords all over the web pages. One should know how to tactically use the keywords along with the readable and compelling content to the audience. Remember, if it’s user-friendly, it’s almost SEO-friendly.
  • Meta Descriptions: Many of the website developers or the business owners don’t even know what meta descriptions are. This is a field where we can give the brief about the whole business in a few words that shows up in the SERP. So, here’s a chance to tell the users how your business is suitable for them. Using keywords in the meta description is suggestable, but don’t use just the keywords.
  • Images: We all know that search engines can read the only text but not images. So, we often tend to ignore the images and use anything that looks relevant. But here we forget to dig deep. Images too can hold many features that are useful in SEO. Usually, images give much more load on the website than the text. So, we always have to consider faster loading images on the website. Also, geo-tagging the images can give a boost to your physical location too.
  • Heading Tags: Usually, we use the font size based on the looks suitable to the website design instead of following the actual headings structure. It might sound like a tiny thing but have a more significant influence on the SEO score. Using H1, H2, H3 tags in the website content can add more rating to website authority.
  • Internal Linking: Page time or website time is the next on our list. If you can make a user spend much time on your website, that’ll be a huge plus. This can happen when you can link the content in one page to the content of other pages. Make sure to write the content in a way that the user feels the importance of visiting the other page and hyperlink the respective page immediately for easy access.
  • Social Media: When you want to know about your business, you go to their website. When you want to see the reality of the website, you go to social media. With the power of social media these days, it’s possible to know the existence of a business even if it’s good or bad. So, sharing the social media link on your website page gives confidence to the audience that you don’t fear sharing about your business. Also, it gives you a redirect on your social media handles, which is an indirect promotion.

Along with the above one should follow all the measures like SSL compliance, website registration, server security, page loading, etc. on the web pages to get a better and improved score, which can not just put the website in the top position but also can win the user’s trust.

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