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Three Benefits Of A Home Security System You Wouldn’t Expect

If there’s one thing that’s undeniably true about home security systems, it’s the fact that they definitely prevent break-ins. They’re a massive thief deterrent, and sometimes just having a yard sign that indicates that a reputable alarm provider is securing your home is enough to make thieves avoid making your home a target. It’s also a well-known fact that such systems can help you keep an eye on your children, or your elderly parents, which is another reason why many people buy them.

However, there are other benefits to them, too. And they’re things that you might not think about initially, but they’ll make quite the difference to your way of thinking, and could potentially be what leads to you making a decision. So, what are the three benefits that a home security system brings, that you wouldn’t expect?

Your Pets Are Protected in Case of an Emergency

A very important part of a home security system is the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With a good system, especially with a monitored one, you’ll have an alert on your phone that something is wrong the minute it happens. This does allow you enough time to react.

To add to that, with a monitored system, the service provider actually has contact with emergency personnel that can respond in such a situation. So, if you’ve left your pet at home, while you’re at work across town, there’s still someone who can get to them before you do. This could potentially save their life, so it’s absolutely something that’s worth investing in.

One thing that you could do, in addition to having a security system, is to have some way of indicating to the emergency personnel that you have a pet at home. A sticker would suffice, and it would make their job a lot easier.

But it’s an undeniable fact that you will feel a lot more relieved knowing that your pets are safe, and if something does happen, there’s a way for them to leave your home safely without being hurt.

Your Electricity Bill Is Going to Be Lower

A good home security system often has some way of integrating itself with home automation devices. And while the main purpose of such home automation devices is to make your life easier when you’re at home, they also have the purpose of adding a touch of security to said home.

How do they do that? Well, one of the easiest ways of preventing a potential break-in, is to have lights and sound systems that you can control from anywhere. This makes your home appear occupied, whether you set up an automated schedule, or you do things manually from your smartphone.

To add to that, the fact that you can turn off your lights or other appliances from just about anywhere, even if you aren’t around, will save a lot more electricity. You could also have motion sensors that will do that for you as soon as you walk out the front door, which is something that will definitely have quite an impact on your electricity bill.

What we can conclude from this is that whether you’re at home or not, you have a way to control pretty much any and all appliances at home. If you forgot to turn off something when you went to work, you can do that when you get to the office, instead of leaving it on and consuming electricity until you come back.

You Save on Insurance

This is the one thing that many homeowners seem to forget. Home insurance is definitely something that’s worth investing in, but in many situations, it does come with a hefty premium. This leads homeowners to reconsider, which isn’t something that you should be doing.

A thing to note with home insurance is that the price, as well as the premiums and deductibles, can vary quite a bit, and usually depend on a host of factors. While many of them have to do with the homeowner, there are also a lot that depends on the home itself.

In that situation, having a security system can help quite a bit. Some home insurance providers will only offer this discount if you have a professionally monitored system, but many will also have the same apply with a security system that you have installed and are maintaining yourself.

In any case, you will be saving quite a bit by having such a system, which greatly offsets the price of getting one. Yes, some are expensive, but as you can see, that price is very well worth it, especially when you factor in the savings from your insurance and electricity bills.

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