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The Town of Light: Psychological Horror Game Now Available On PS4 and Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One Games: PS4 and Xbox One receiving Psychological Horror game: The town of Light. Also The Town of Light is coming to Xbox One, it was confirmed on 19th January, 2017.It will launch in Q2 2017 on Xbox One and PS4. Even as an “improved” version for PC is also coming out.

The Truth Story of the Town of Light inspired to developing Game:

12 March 1938. Renee, 16 years old, is ripped out of her world, locked up and deprived of everything. Her only fault was that she didn’t know what her place in the world was. “A danger to herself and others and a cause of public scandal” wrote the police headquarters. The only horror you will find in this game is the truth: a blow to the solar plexus, much more intense than any supernatural presence.

In Press release of Wired Production’s publisher said that “A better edition of the original. This new release of the Town of light will offer new puzzles, additional story factors, modified voice over dialogue, more interactive factors, and a huge graphical and UI fix that aims to deliver a more elegant and immersive experience.”

The Town of Light original story is below:

After its launch last year on the PC, the Italian developer behind the Psychological horror game The Town of Light announced that it’s headed to PlayStation 4.

According to PlayStation Blog Post report,” the game is coming to Sony’s system later this year, even if a specific release date was not declared. ”

The Town of Light is a psychological adventure told in the first person. The story is set in Italy in the first half of the 20th Century in a place which really existed and has been meticulously reconstructed. Exploring and interacting with the environment you will relive the history of the main character through her confused viewpoint and on the basis of your choices; the story will develop in different ways.

The main character of “The Town of Light” game is Renee; you play as the character Renee, a resident of the institution. With the facility now in remains. You will discover it an attempt to piece together Renee’s past.

The Town of Light is not planned for children, because it contains insubstantial themes and other elements that may not be suitable for a younger audience.

Director and screenwriter of, Luca Dalco also said that,” The game has some difficult moments making it unsuitable for children, but moments which we felt were important to include, doing justice to those who suffered at the hands of a system which was clearly overwhelmed and itself didn’t know all of the answers. Today things are of course very different as great advances in the care for those with mental illness have been made around the world.”

The Console version of The Town of Light game will include a number of enhanced features like improved visual effects and “new story and gameplay elements” behalf of its effort to be “more immersive”.

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