The Tips and Tricks for Horizon Zero dawn: Best Weapons & How to Get Them

Hey good news for Horizon zero down lovers.

  • Everyone loves to jump in next level in game. We will share the essential guides on crafting materials, free to use the weapons by activates them and defined the defensive strategies.
  • Gathering the crafting material, which are scattered everywhere is the warming task in the game which is very easy by just focusing here and there to screen.
  • The big task to achieve in this game is to fight with Robo- Dino. Gathering the crafting and load the weapons is the big key to punch the dino.
  • Weapons finding is little bit tricky. Let’s move and see the tricks to achieve the slots.

Use your focus

Before go to any moves take pause, take stock of the situation by click the right thing. By tagging R2 target the enemy to follow them closely.

HUD adjustment

Horizon is much customised game, you can plot HUD as your customised setting.HUD should be adjustable to wing the screen, without cluttering the HUD the screen would be easy and highly recommended.

Targeting the aiming parts

Players goal is to bang on attack in proper manners, you must target the specific and effective components of the same. Highlight by focus the part covers as Yellow,If you can chip away the more damage you can dole out.


Every game has some clues or options to hide the targets, here the long patch of red grass are the space where enemy does spot you. Pull that trick off when you’re overwhelmingly surrounded.

Make moves to traps

The altimate target to kill the dino.get the saver points, components as much as possible  which helps to target your goal. Note that any traps you carry are reachable via D-Pad, just press left or right.

Medicinal herbs selection

Health or life line is the key role in any game.replinesh in health is very important and best to choose compare to any other.When ever you find red flower, choose it with immediate moves as its your herbs and use it by pressing the D-pad while you are down to boost the life and keep going.

Hit the head

There are humans in the games too. The most sensitive parts is Head are squishy.


When you feel the situation is very critical then Run is the best option to choose rather losing the energy and points. No harme and shame to select RUN.So when you feel the position in narrow against the enemy choose the speed run.

Skill up gradation

There are N numbers of options to choose to upgrade the existing skill or increase the energy level by selecting proper weapon refill or ammo crafter.

Campfire use

As you are going to die in next slabs,so go speedy to camp next which helps to improve the moves.Which is important to not losing skills.

Photo mode

Photo mode is the best option to pause the game for a while to change the mode , view, angle,changing the time of the day,


Sometimes look upon the alternative – side quests to improve the power or points in terms of health points or weapons.

Sell resources at some extensive

If you feel that some of the components are not in use and over burden to next journey,please to send it sell it back to vendors to catch the extra cash or points which could be more usable.

Grab the sample box

Go to the treasure section and get some free  resources which are easily available at each store.

Kill the real enemy

Please open your eyes to select and choose to kill the actual one as this games is full of bone wildlife as If you hit the actual creature, you can loot their meet.

Modify the weapons and tools.

Just refer the coils once you are in the game, you can modify the weapon as you need, select the mode of change as per the real time need. Coils can add anything from more power to new elemental damage.

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