The story of PC gaming and its advantages over consoles


There are many forms of entertainment available in the modern world. Many enjoy heading out to the cinema or theatre. Some look forward to heading to a gig to see their favourite musicians, while others prefer going to cheer on their favourite sports teams.

However, in recent years the phenomenon of computers and e-games have become extremely popular. A myriad of video game consoles which can be played through the TV have caught the imagination of millions. Another option is choosing a PC gaming which is played on a personal computer, often specialised, rather than a console.

In a time far, far away

Computer games started to emerge in the late 1970s and early 1980s as hobbyist magazines provided codes that games typed into their PC to play, sending in their own games in return. Arcade games then became all the rage with cartridges becoming available to play on consoles in the home.

In 1996 technologies had advanced through the popularity of Microsoft Windows. Improvements in central processing units (CPUs) led to increasing realism in computer games with 3G graphics offering a great experience to gamers. The advancements have continued through to the present day right through to crypto gaming.

Why choose PC gaming rather than a console?

PC gaming is considered better than through a console as a computer can be customised and offers maximum performance. A PCs adaptability is a feature compared to a console where gamers are stuck with the specifications that come with it, even if they are not exactly what they want.

A PC can be improved by taking on the advice of specialists, with the addition of a graphics card, customising the battery and optimising the storage and processor. Of course, a PC can always be used for normal use such as administrative tasks and browsing the internet. Your PC might be slightly more expensive than a console, but you receive far more value for your money and offer you the options of upgrades so that it never goes out of date.

Great features of a gaming PC

  • It is much easier to multitask on a PC than a console.
  • Specialist shops and online stores will offer you the best advice and opportunity to build and upgrade your own PC to your own specifications.
  • A lightning-fast processor, and amazing graphics ensure playing on a gaming PC offers scintillating experiences ensuring that players are left wanting more.
  • There is a far wider range of games available for the PC gamer. Thailand even has its own dedicated E-Sports arena where people play and watch, so is the popularity.
  • You can choose according to your budget, starting with the basics such as a processor, memory, and graphics card, before you start and building and adding if you that you want to become a serious gamer when extra cash becomes available.

Before your first purchase of a gaming PC, it is advisable to speak to experts in this field who will guide you with all your options. Happy gaming everyone!


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