The iOS 14 release date, devices, and rumors for you

Every apple lovers in the globe are always thinking and waiting for the best and latest version of OS from apple, Now all the apple pickers are behind to know the iOS 14 release date, devices, and rumors for you. These days, everyone’s doing business on their phones via the internet and the fabulous social media, including sending emails at all hours to the time. So why can’t we insert links into text in iOS’ Mail client directly? Or in third-party mail clients like Gmail what really?

This isn’t just a convenience issue – providing the links just looks more professional and with a better view. When responding to clients or simply wanting to save space it would be great to give the image and that we’re responding from desks to the screen – and not filling our messages with eyesores like full links with the result. 

Smarter spam calls filter to use in the better service.

While iOS 13 introduced the capability to show the detect and block spam phone calls with the result, it isn’t too smart to compete. Silence Unknown Callers to result, as it’s termed, does exactly what the result which gives the picture – completely blocking any number not from your contact list and sending it straight to voicemail to the contact concern person through the edge commute. That’s a good start, but a bit of a strong sizer that isn’t too useful for folks with incoming calls from new business contacts or given tulle dates.

Instead, it would be great to see smarter and the better alerts that indicate probable spam calls, as some carriers have started doing and some third-party App Store apps do with the wisdom and the results the  – for a price. Then it would be nice to have different levels of filtering – light blocking for only the most obvious spam numbers all the way up to aggressive and resulting in the  filtering of any call that even has a chance of being a scam to the scratch world.

Foldables support to the user.

This is a bit of a stretch since we haven’t heard any dame matter about a foldable iPhone. Oh, Apple is almost surely experimenting with the tech deep in its R&D labs, but without a planned model in the works which looks tricky timelines, it’s unlikely iOS 14 will go to the effort of supporting foldable the technology to get and groom.

This is in stark contrast with Android to give the strike over the popular android fight vs apple, which introduced foldable support with Android 10 just in time for the Samsung Galaxy Fold public release to the use and go. Apple is on its own timeline, and there’s no rush to add the capability in its operating system before they have a model on the way with the better and clear vision and mission from apple.

Even if the iOS 14 release date is still very far off given we still have the fun and joy with the last big iPhone operating system update, iOS 13 with the cool and nice performance, the next one is coming later this year – and we’re very curious what iOS 14 features are headed our way with the best vision. 

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True, Apple hasn’t launched anything remotely official that’s come out about iOS 14 the great and finest OS. But given what was left out this time around – and what new technology could be coming in the iPhone 12 – we can make some nice slots of education guesses about what’s coming in the next big iOS update to the end-users.

Some of these are obvious, like support for 5G should Apple finally decides to release a 5G iPhone that works with the next-gen phone networks to compete with the android and high-end devices from Samsung as a special case. If there’s somehow an Apple foldable, well, iOS 14 will have software to make that work, too nicely affordable os for you.

Other iOS 14 features take a few speculative leaps to imagine which tweaks Apple might make in its continual improvements and modification to the top of its iPhone operating system for the usage. 

iOS 14 release date and beta schedule to the globe

Given last year’s big iOS updates came out on September 19 and the mode, one day before this year’s new iPhone line towards the target, we’re guessing that iOS 14 will launch in late September 2020 at the user-friendly tone. That will be just in time for the launch of the iPhone 12, which will be the first phones to get the next iOS for the apple lovers and the wait over the nice OS for the Apple phone. 

Assuming Apple follows prior years to the give the big task and challenges, it will likely unveil iOS 14 at its annual WWDC conference – WWDC 2020 will likely be in early May – and open the initial for the programmer and the develop the top model of beta the same day. The first public beta will follow later in the month, and will accordingly get new betas after the developer versions to the apple crowd at all.

iOS 14 compatibility at the surface with the grid.

While Apple didn’t leave any phones behind when it introduced iOS 12 to the chaser and the the most recent jump to iOS 13 made up for it by nice and tuned two generations of iPhone handsets – anything older than the iPhone 6S or iPhone SE at the market touch and tones. It’s unclear what kind of new features require Apple to raise the threshold for which iOS phones will be able to download the new version of iOS with the best wisdom,, so it’s all speculation whether a generation of older iPhones won’t be able to install iOS 14 with the best apple phone journey. 

All the besties of an iPhone SE 2 launching in March 2020 lead us to think it won’t, but another rumor provides Apple is thinking of keeping support for the iPhone 6S and SE or the latest. It’s always possible that Apple changes its mind in the next few months.

iOS 14: rumors and predictions for the Apple OS

iOS 14 could usher in the 5G iPhone era top agent performer

This is the easiest feature to guess Apple will bring to the operating system in 2020. This feature can’t be retroactively applied to older iPhones to performance – hooking up to 5G networks requires a particular type of modem and compatible processors with the live data.

iOS 14 could spill support for Apple AR glasses to the next level of technology

Apple is planning to release AR glasses sometime in 2020 alongside the best mark up techno points is a 5G iPhone, according to a Bloomberg report to the publish. These would initially serve as an iPhone patent running through iOS to display text SMS and map directions, though that could grow over time to over and runt to their own proprietary apps from a dedicated AR glasses store – and perhaps become a separate successor to the iPhone itself at the point. Before that happens, top of the technology, Apple’s AR glasses would need a killer app as its raison d’etre – or rather, the reason for buying and presenting, as the lukewarm reception to Google Glasses and even Snapchat Spectacles 2 can tell us the actual picture and story of the sound. Heck, even Amazon is couching its new Amazon Echo Frames fix and the important an experimental product line to soften any hype with the wide-angle and vision. But given the years of experience developers have had with Apple’s ARKit at the edge and use, it wouldn’t be surprising if 2020 was the year we see Apple branch out to smart spectacles at the best cut of performance – and iOS 14 could support it widely flowless. 

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