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The Future PC : Foldable. Intel’s Horseshoe Bend Technology looks at the next level

Just imagine, The foldable PC !! Yes, The Intel has worked at an extra mile of technology and now the Intel’s Horseshoe bend technology looks at the next level of PCs technology and vision.The Future PC : Foldable. Intel’s Horseshoe Bend Technology looks at the next level.Intel’s “Horseshoe Bend” appeared after Lenovo introduced the world’s first foldable PC, the ThinkPad X1 Fold which is almost top of the world in technology of fold. Based on Intel’s Core “hybrid” technology, in the form of the recently revealed Tiger Lake processors, the device sports a foldable 13.3-inch OLED screen and 5G connectivity with the best performance and durability and user friendly vision for the segment of display lovers.

It is entirely new phase of technology in the field of PCs and Laptops where you have the great options of bending the system.

The prototype is named as  Horseshoe Bend, and the biggest difference between it and the X1 Fold is, well, it’s much bigger than the previous thought. The OLED display is 4:3 and 17.3 inches diagonal when unfolded, which means it feels much closer to a traditional laptop size when you fold it at an angle and use it on a desk to the edge on edge. There’s also a Surface-style kickstand so you can make use of the full display size when paired with a wireless keyboard which results full screen at all corners, which is extra ordinary in display and usage.

The super commonswitchmode of operation is likely to be somewhat like a laptop where content and UI exists under your fingers as well as in front of your face so you can view the live screen from top to bottom edge. Webpages feel like they scroll on forever; you can continue reading an article just by moving your hand away without any break, the flowless screening is wow for the lovers of readers.

The best  use case demoed is video editing where you can manipulate the multiple timeline directly where the keyboard would normally beapproched. If you want to play a video full-screen, you can just turn the display around and use the kickstand on go. If the on-screen keyboard doesn’t do it for you, you can attach a wireless one to the bottom half of the display for the better performance.

Horseshoe Bend is built around Intel’s new 10nm Tiger Lake architecture the best technology and design combinations,The device we saw was running regular Windows 10, but Intel expects Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10X to be a good fit for the category later on which can give some better results over the issue on operating system.

This bend technology is unbittable in some manner but as its piece of best grip of OLED screen, will sure available to achieve something extra ordinary in your specific applications for vision display.

Still, Intel is working some best technology partner to improve the same in better mode as still it is not fully foldable screen but the time is now not much far for Intel to catch the fully foldable screening.

Now lets think over your requirement, Weather you need big laptop for big screen or you are happy with small laptop with smaller screen or display, but lets buzz the mind for this Intel gift which gives you Big screen with small Laptop.  Really sounds good !!!

And I mean a really big screen means real time big screen. It measures 17.3 inches diagonally, a notch bigger than the 16-inch display in Apple’s latest high-end MacBook Pro what you thing more on this. when you fully unfold Horseshoe Bend, flip out its built-in kickstand, perch it on a tabletop and use its wireless keyboard which gives you everything what you see for the future system for foldable technology.

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