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The Best Techy Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

The holidays are around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you want to give this year! Giving gifts can be gratifying, but choosing what to buy is often a struggle for many people. We all have some loved ones that are hard to shop for, and between holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations, you might be fresh out of ideas. 

Gift someone the gift of convenience this year with a new tech gift! In our ever-advancing technology driven world, there’s sure to be something new that even a technology enthusiast hasn’t tried yet. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tech gifts to make it easy to find the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Tech Gift Ideas: 

  1. Noise-Cancelling Earphones
  2. Smart Watch
  3. Portable Chargers
  4. Wireless Chargers
  5. Smart Plugs
  6. Robot Vacuums
  7. Drones

Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Headphone technology has greatly improved, and there are plenty of options for whatever your audio needs may be. Noise-cancelling earphones are one option, great for those who travel often or simply want to tune in without distractions. There are plenty of great options, all with great sound, noise-cancelling ability, and various styles. 

Whether you prefer over ear headphones or in-ear earbuds, there’s a pair for you. You can also cancel out ambient sound wirelessly with all the cord-free options on the market today. 

Smart Watch

If your loved one doesn’t already have a smart watch, this is a great tech gift idea! Depending on their interests, there are various options available.

The Apple watch is an obvious choice, and it has plenty of great features, from texts and phone call notifications to health tracking. If the Apple watch isn’t for you, FitBit makes a host of great smart watches to track your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and even more health features. Long distance runners tend to prefer Garmin watches, which can also track the route and distance of a run. Research the features that matter most to you or your loved one and find the perfect smart watch to give as a gift! 

Portable Chargers

For someone whose phone is always dying, or the friend who is always on the run, but they a portable power bank! A portable phone charger is a useful gift, so you know it won’t go to waste. 

It seems like phone battery life is always getting shorter and shorter, so it can be tough to keep your phone charged. With a portable charger, you can give your phone some extra power on the go, so you never have to worry about finding an outlet. Give someone this useful gift this year so they’re always connected. 

Wireless Chargers

Another great charging option, wireless chargers work for newer smartphones that allow Qi charging. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to plug your phone in, even when the outlet is right there. With wireless chargers, all you have to do is place your phone on the charging pad and it will begin powering up. 

Wireless charging is growing in popularity, and it makes charging your phone super simple. Give someone a convenient wireless charger this season – just make sure their phone is compatible first!

Smart Plugs

Smart home technology is all the rage right now, with more and more “smart” products coming out. With a smart plug, you can automate your home without buying all new smart gadgets. A smart plug can turn any plugged-in device into a smart device.

Smart plugs allow you to control the energy use of the plug, so you can turn it on from your phone or even schedule timers. With smart plugs, you can schedule your coffee pot to turn on or turn up the AC before you come home on a hot day. There are endless applications for this smart product, so it makes a great gift for anyone looking to add some convenience to their life. 

Robot Vacuums

Take some of the cleaning off your loved ones’ plate with a robot vacuum! Robotic vacuum technology has improved so much that these vacuums can sense furniture, avoid obstacles, and self-charge so that you don’t have to worry about them. For anyone who needs a hand with cleaning, a robot vacuum makes a great gift. 


Drones have become commonplace, and there are even plenty of inexpensive options. There are several different types of drones to choose from before you start looking at different brands and features. You could buy a photography drone, a racing drone, toy drones, kids drones, fishing drones – there are plenty of possibilities, and drones for all ages. 

Find the Perfect Holiday Tech Gifts

Research the latest technology to find the best tech gifts for your loved ones, or choose from our list of favorites! These tech gadgets are useful and convenient, so they’re sure to make a great gift that your family and friends can actually put into use this holiday season. 

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