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Windows 10 disk defragmenter

Tips For Windows 10 disk defragmenter

Windows 10 Disk defragmenter, like Windows 8 and Windows 7 before it, automatically defragments files for you on a schedule. However, it doesn’t always run consistently, so if you notice files are taking longer to load or you just want to double-check every month or so, you can see how fragmented the drive is in Windows.

Over time, files on your hard drive get fragmented, and your computer slows down because it has to check multiple places on your drive for those pieces.

To have your computer run more proficiently, uses the built-in tool in Windows 10 disk defragmenter defragment those files. Here’s how and when you should do it.

Windows 10 disk defragmenter

A letter about Solid State Drives (SSD): SSDs work another way than conventional mechanical hard drives. Conventional wisdom is that SSDs don’t need to be defragmented and doing so can also sport down the drive.

However, Windows does defragment SSDs once a month if compulsory and if you have System Restore enabled.

This isn’t something to worry about, though, because the automatic defragmentation is meant to extend your drive’s life and performance.

Accordingly with SSDs, just let Windows do its thing and don’t worry about defragmentation. You can use the Optimize Drive tool below to do a general optimization of the drive, including sending the TRIM command to optimize performance. This doesn’t do a conventional defrag on the SSD, although.

For your mechanical drives, you can check and fix its fragmentation status with the steps below.

  • Open the disk optimization tool by searching for “optimize” or “defrag” in the taskbar.

Windows 10 disk defragmenter

  • Select your hard drive and click Analyze. Note that if you have a SSD, this option is grayed out and not available.

Windows 10 disk defragmenter

  • Check the percentage of fragmented files in the results.

Windows 10 disk defragmenter

  • If you want to defragment your drive, click Optimize. It’s greatest to do this while you don’t need to use your computer for something else, so you can let Windows defragment the drive efficiently.

Windows 10 disk defragmenter


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