Snapchat (for iPhone)

Snapchat (for iPhone)

While the old folks pine for days gone by, the youth of today aren’t interested in memories. Instead, they favor sharing the moment, and few apps do that better than Snapchat. In addition to quickly and easily sharing pictures, this excellent iPhone app also has powerful text and live video messaging. It has also recently expanded to become more like a traditional social network, with a new Memories feature that can save your formerly ephemeral images. Whether the flighty photo app survives this transition is yet to be seen, but it’s still an app that defines this moment in time.

Like most social networking apps, Snapchat is free, and I had no trouble installing it on my iPhone 6. Setting up a new account was a snap when I did it several years ago, so I simply logged in using the credentials I saved to LastPass.

The early iterations of Snapchat were a bit overwhelming, with a navigation system as unique as an ephemeral messaging platform was at the time. The app’s aesthetic is still bright and unabashedly young, but it’s now much easier to navigate. Perhaps that’s why your parents are using it now. Icons on the left and right of the camera screen make it easier to figure out where you’re going. But it still frequently feels esoteric. I have been using Snapchat for years, and I’m still uncertain I know every trick and feature.

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