Google Introduces ‘Reviews from the Web’, Lets Any Site Contribute Reviews to Search

Google Introduces ‘Reviews from the Web’, Lets Any Site Contribute Reviews to Search

Google has introduced ‘Review from the web   feature. This will display reviews from any third-party site.

According to Google, displays the two types of reviews in search results :

  • Critic reviews
  • Review snippets

Reviews from the web are being added to Google’s Knowledge Panels in search results. This update is available worldwide on mobile and desktop. It used to be that Google Search would show reviews of places, movies, TV shows and so on from a reputed websites.

Now, Google will collect reviews from up to three sites for any place, movie, or TV show, ordered in terms of relevance.

Basically user generated reviews can be displayed on the search engine and has the chance to be read as widely as the more popular sites. Before, Google introduced best of lists and critic reviews for the search engine.

According to Google blog spot, “Today, we’re introducing Reviews from the web to local Knowledge Panels, to accompany our recently launched best-of lists and critic reviews features. Whether your site publishes editorial critic reviews, best-of places lists, or aggregates user ratings, this content can be featured in local Knowledge Panels when users are looking for places to go.”

The ‘Review from the web’ feature will occur as an update to the Google app. Also company has provided guidelines as to how site owners can include the user rating from their sites for the quality.

In the Google, webmasters who allow the review snippet markup and meet their criteria will see their site’s “user-generated composite ratings will be eligible for inclusion.” Which local business is listed on Google and is reviewed on other websites, might see the ’user generated reviews’ and collective ratings also show on the panel on the right in the search result card.

For case, if you search for a restaurant, which is reviewed on Facebook or Zomato by regular users. also user  reviews will show in Google Search card ,which gives details on the restaurant.

Google Review from the Web
Google Critic review



Google says “In the U.S qualifying publishers can participate in the critic review feature in local Knowledge Panels. Critic reviews possess an editorial tone of voice and have an opinionated position on the local business, coming from an editor or on-the-ground expert”

How to participate, see the details on critic reviews page.

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