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Google Authenticator App: Download, Security, Backup & Recovery

Google Authenticator is an application that implements two stop verification services using the Time based One-time password Algorithm. AS you know probably, two-step authentication process requires you to enter your username and password, and then click or enter an authentication delivered to your mobile device via mail, text, voice, or Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator App

The free Google Authenticator app generates two-step verification codes on your Android phone or tablet.

As you probably know, Google’s two-step authentication process requires you to enter your username and password, and then click or enter an authentication delivered to your mobile device via mail, text, voice, or Google Authenticator.

It’s easy to use Google Authenticator, but for those users still wondering what “two-step verification” is, a video tutorial, setup wizard, and plenty of clear explanations dispel all mysteries.

Security: Google Authenticator generates new codes every 30 seconds and requires codes when you or anyone else tries to sign in from any other computer. A backup phone number covers your assets.

Install: Google Authenticator App

 Google authenticator chrome

Download and install Google Authenticator on Chrome. Users who would like to use the service on browsers like Firefox and Opera can open Google Authenticator and bookmark it.

When you open the link for the first time you will see a temp email and randomly generating password for it.

It’s just an example and you may delete it. To generate your OTPs, click on the add button and provide name of the account and secret key.

The account name can be anything and may not necessarily be your email id. For security sake, don’t use your email id for accounts.

The secret key is obtained from Google when you signup for 2-step verification for the first time. If you have already activated 2-step verification on your account and activated the Smartphone app, here’s how you can get the key code.

Google authenticator chrome

Google authenticator backup codes

If you are unable to access your account using your two-factor device, don’t panic! You can access your account using your Google Authenticator backup codes. The backup codes are generated when you setup your account. In order to log in using a backup code, please do the following:

  • Visit com and click Log in in the upper right.
  • Enter your username and password and you will be prompted to enter the 6 digit Google Authenticator code.
  • Enter the backup code in the Security Code field and click login.

The code will only be valid once so if you ever need another backup code, you will need to use the next one in the list.

Google authenticator backup codes

Goggle authenticator recovery code

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is an important security mechanism, and cannot be disabled by Cisco Meraki without positively identifying the account owner.

There are two methods available to ensure access is not lost: a backup phone number (with SMS auth), and a list of one time codes (with Google Authenticator).

Backup phone number with SMS authentication

Cisco Meraki strongly recommends configuring a backup phone number when two factor authentication via SMS is enabled.

This can be done under the Two-factor authentication section of the My profile page (found in the upper right corner of Dashboard).

When a backup number is enabled, the verification code can be sent to that second number in the event access to the primary phone is lost. Without a backup number, a disabled or missing phone can prevent access to Dashboard.

 One-time codes with Google Authenticator

When configuring two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, Dashboard creates a number of one-time use codes that can be used in the event access to one or all authenticators is lost.

Any one of these ten codes can be used in place of a verification code during the login process. Each of the ten codes can only be used once. We recommend that these codes are stored in a safe location, or printed and kept in a wallet.

For users with access to multiple organizations, such as Managed Service Providers, a different set of backup codes is generated for each organization.

Google authenticator QR code

When you switch to a new phone it can be a pain to add your accounts to Google Authenticator. (You are using two-factor authentication with important accounts, right?)

This tool allows you to easily generate QR codes for your accounts as long as you have the secret key, without having to disable and re-enable 2-factor authentication on each account. Just fill in the fields, then point your camera to the screen and boom, your account is added.

Hitting enters or tab will update the QR code, or you can hit the Update button.

Your data never leaves your browser. It is never sent to the server. If you don’t trust me, save this file to your desktop, disable your network and then generate the QR code.

Google authenticator QR code

Google authenticator iphone

On your mobile device, Google Authenticator creates a code that must be inputted so you can access your account. Google Authenticator adds a secondary level of security for your device.

Google Authenticator features auto-setup through a QR code, support for multiple accounts, and support for multiple languages.

Google authenticator iphone

Goggle authenticator download

Google Authenticator is an implementation of the Google Authenticator source, designed to work on Windows platforms.

The Google Authenticator source project includes implementations of one-time passcode generators for several mobile platforms, as well as a pluggable authentication module (PAM).

One-time passcodes are generated using open standards developed by the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) (which is unrelated to OAuth).

Goggle authenticator download

 uplay Google authenticator

Players who logged in into their Uplay accounts through the client today might have already seen this info message popping up.

Ubisoft has added a new security feature to protect your accounts even more, by using 2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator.

This extra layer of security can be activated for free and prevents people from hijacking your account in case they have knowledge of your password, as they would need the additional security code which will then be only provided by the on your phone/tablet installed  Google Authenticator app – available for iOS and Android.

Google authenticator code

Two-step verification is no longer optional; with database leaks containing login info occurring on a regular basis, you should use two-step verification on any and all online services that offer it.

With that protection, anyone trying to break into your account would need both your password and the mobile device that your authentication codes are sent to in order to gain access.

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