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How To Get The Right Exposure For Your Tech Startup?

Sometimes business ideas, software making ideas, great startup ideas, all based on great business models, populates the human mind too intensely. You may be one of them too and may have a bunch of creative ideas in your mind. But how do you begin, where do you start, and how to rise and plan are various things which do not always pops up in mind as the great ideas to come. The biggest problem in the part of making a startup is fund arranging. You have to arrange for funds to start a business. And if you have no funds, you have no business.

That is how reality is. But now if you have no funds, and still have a great idea that will stun the world, then you have the great seed accelerator program that is now coming up with the annual competition for great business minds. The competition is held every year for finding out great minds in the nation to help them make their great startup idea into a reality. For this and much more facilities, now you have the CodeLaunch Seed Accelerator competition.

What is the seed accelerator competition all about?

The seed accelerator competition is the perfect platform for the creative business mind to give shape to their startup. You can grab a lot of things together like the highlight on you for presenting a smart tech startup plan, a tech trade show conducted by many other people and creative thinkers, a platform to talk about your ideas, and a great networking opportunity. When you get all of these together, it gets inspiring for one to pep up for the competition and participate.

Such a competition offers a great platform to startups at infancy. If you have the startup just in your mind and did not think about starting it yet, then you may get the best support for this after the participation in this program.

When others never gave a mind to your ideas

Many creative thinkers trying to make a mark in the world of tech and software-based startups, never got enough support in the form of mental support too, because they didn’t get good listeners, and ears to give value to their thoughts. That is why participating in such a platform, where others are waiting to listen to you is a great opportunity. If you never got support enough that your ideas would be listened carefully, then now you can get that kind of support.

The prize you get on participation

If you participate in the seed accelerator program, then the prize you get is big. Winners get their startup ideas supported and funded and guided by sponsors and experts. Money is the biggest problem in starting the startup when you have no help. In that case, if you get all kinds of help and support from the conductors and sponsors of the competition, then all of your problems are solved. Not only this, but you get recognition for being the winner too, which is a great beginning for a startup. This kind of platform gives you great recognition and support for networking right from the time you participate. And if you become a winner, then things change even better for you. Hence, you must not miss the chance of participation in the seed accelerator competition. Winning it would help you get to the peak and give shape to your ideas which you could not work on due to a shortage of funds.

Participate in the seed accelerator program free of cost

The best part of taking part in the seed accelerator program and competition is that it’s free of cost to participating. This means you have all the chances of winning it and gaining full support and infrastructure and funds and all for your startup, and yet you need not spend anything to take part. This is a great opportunity, and if you are getting this in your city, or even close to you, then you must not stay back from taking the chance.

When should you participate in the seed accelerator competition?

This competition is for you when your startup software technology is still not developed enough to give you an MVP product. And in this case, if you need support and funds to develop it further, then you must participate in the competition. The winners will get support when their ideas are good enough to show some real probabilities. And if you believe in your ideas, you must not stay back.

The best will win

If you have the spark in you, and if you believe your ideas have the potential to make for a great tech startup, and if you only needed a chance to present yourself, then this is the platform. You would be given 30 minutes dedicated to your ideas; where you can present yourself for 5 minutes at a stretch. These 5 minutes can be your golden pass to get through and present your startup before the world with all the support you ever needed.

The deciding panel

There are five judges to judge and take action. This panel of judges evaluates the competitors in every category. The winner is judged based on the feasibility of the startup concept, the creativity of the competitor, and the financial potential of the project. When these three are strong, the winner can get to the next level to get all the assistance for the project from the seed accelerator for startup platform.


If you had been long struggling with your tech startup idea to get the right exposure, then now is the time for you. You have all the chances to win if your idea has the feasibility and potential. And seed accelerator sponsors and supports would knock your door if you can win the competition. The winner gets half the branding done simply for the recognition of emerging as the winner of the seed accelerator competition. Automatically a network develops for the person which adds to the exposure.

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