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How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone

Here we are Describing about the How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone. Having a Microsoft Outlook account and an iPhone doesn’t only entitle you to syncing your contacts. You can also sync outlook calendar with iphone. Read on to find out How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone, and how to sync outlook with iphone.

 How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone

Using iTunes > Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone

This method is recommended for most users as it is apparently the easiest way to sync your Outlook calendar with your iPhone. Keep in mind, however, that this is a one-way sync, which means that your Outlook calendar will appear in your iPhone, but not the other way around.

Step 1: Before starting, ensure that you have the iTunes plugin enabled in Outlook and that you’re using the latest iTunes version.

Step 2: Have your iPhone connected to your computer. Once it’s connected, iTunes should launch automatically, Open it manually if it doesn’t.

Step 3: On the left sidebar, look for the Devices entry and see that your iPhone is listed under it. Click on your iPhone’s name. Now on the tabs that you see in the upper portion of the iTunes window, click on Info.

Step 4: Once you’re under the Info tab, scroll down until you see the Calendars section or Sync calendars with. Tick the checkbox beside Sync calendars with and select Outlook from the drop-down menu beside it. You may opt to sync all your Outlook calendars or only several of them by trying out any of the options under it. Feel free to experiment with the other options.

Step 5: Now hit Apply to start the syncing and you’re done. Be reminded that once the syncing begins, Outlook will alert you that iTunes is trying to access your calendar data. To proceed, tick the checkbox beside Allow Access for, determine a time limit for iTunes’ access, and click Yes.

Using iCloud > Sync Outlook Calendar with iphone

To use iCloud to sync your Outlook calendar with iPhone, you will need to use the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Download it if you haven’t installed it in your computer. You will also have to have an iCloud account so create one if you don’t have any yet. You can do so using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any computer. To start syncing your Outlook calendar to your iPhone using iCloud, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Launch iCloud Control Panel and once you’re greeted with the login window, input the Apple ID credential you’re using for your iCloud account. Click Sign In to proceed.

Step 2: After signing in, you will be seeing the main window of the iCloud Control Panel. Tick the checkbox beside Mail, Contacts, Calendars, & Tasks, or any other entry with the word Calendar in it, as long as it has ‘with Outlook’ in it.

Step 3: You may want to tick other checkboxes to sync other items to your iPhone using iCloud. Once you’re done, hit Apply to proceed. Now Outlook will start syncing your calendar to your iCloud account then to your iPhone.

Sync outlook with iphone

Like many of you, I’ve had trouble sync Outlook with iphone. Before sync Outlook with iPhone, determine if you’re syncing the calendar from an existing webmail server.

If your Outlook account is one of these, sync it to your iPhone using the webmail server directly by navigating to Settings, ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendars’, then Add Account and fill in the required information.

Once your credentials are authenticated, ensure that the switch for the Calendaris turned on. Using this method will ensure that your iPhone is syncing to the source of your data and not making a pass through Outlook as a “middle-man”.

 Sync iphone with outlook calendar

Here we are describing about the Sync iphone with outlook calendar. To sync a non-webmail Outlook calendar to your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

Within iTunes, open the Devices list and select your phone. Click the Info tab, Calendars, and then Sync calendars from Outlook. From here, you can select whether to sync particular calendars or all calendars associated with your Outlook.

However, be aware that the Outlook calendar on your iPhone will only sync when it is connected to your iTunes and changes made to your iPhone calendar will not sync to your computer’s Outlook.

 Sync outlook calendar with iphone 6

The calendar app on the iPhone 6 has a clever little icon that shows today’s date. You should be able to keep using that app since it works with all of the iPhone’s integrated functions. That’s why Akruto can sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone 6 own built-in calendar app.

Not all synchronization programs sync Outlook with the iPhone’s calendar. Instead, they add their own calendar apps to your iPhone. And you can’t delete the iPhone’s calendar app. All you can do is move it.

Akruto also syncs all past, current and future events between Outlook calendar and your phone. Recurring, all-day and standard appointments and exceptions stay intact.

Sync outlook app calendar with iphone

Here we are describe about the Sync outlook app calendar with iphone. It’s that simple. The Sync outlook app calendar with iphone contains both email and calendars in one application and is hands down the easiest way to use either of them on your iphone.

Microsoft acquire outlook app, Accompli, which formed the base of the Sync outlook app calendar with iphone.

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