Staying Fit When You Work From Home

The world is changing and so is how people live their lives. The old days of waking up, going to work/school, and going home and straight to bed are becoming less and less common these days. Now, people are living life the way they see fit, and for some, it involves working from home. Yes, there are some companies, industries even, that allow you to make a living without ever leaving the comforts of your own home. And thus, this gives you more time and freedom to do whatever you want with your life—provided you still accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Working from home also gives you ample opportunity to stay fit. Not only can you now control your own time, but the space you’re in is your own. You can do whatever you want in it. There are so many things you can do—whole-body vibration exercises, yoga, lifting weights, etc. To break it down for you, here are some ways to maintain and improve fitness when you work from home. 

Make More Time for Exercising

Perhaps the best part about working from home in terms of staying fit is that you have more time in your hands. You no longer have to drive or commute going to your office. A click of a button or dialling up some numbers can get you to work and you’re good to go. And since you’re saving up substantial amounts of time, no matter how long or short they are, you can use them to your own fitness advantage. Took you 30 minutes to commute from your apartment to your company’s headquarters? Now you can use that half hour to exercise! 

Three Words: Whole-Body Vibration

In fact, working from home not only allows you to use up your extra time for working out, but you can, at times, work out while you work! Sure, it can get challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be at your trimmest in no time! And with this sort of lifestyle, you only need three words: whole-body vibration. Get a vibrating plate, hop on it, turn it on, and let the vibrations do their magic on you. You can do this while typing up a document, talking to co-walkers during a phone meeting, and many more! 

Do Aerobics 

Since you’re just in your home with no pesky officemates to rat you out, do aerobics while you work. You can even do it while you exercise with whole-body vibration too—it’s said to be even better. But with or without a vibration machine, doing aerobics at work can often be easy peasy. You just have to get into the rhythm of it. Once you’ve developed your own beat, it’s smooth sailings from here on in. Just maybe don’t do it while you’re in a phone meeting. You wouldn’t want your boss to hear your huffing and puffing, would you? Of course not! 

Jog During Your Break

When you go on your little breaks, why not jog? You won’t have anything else to do. There’s no supply room to go to, no officemate to make small chatter with, none. So perhaps the best thing to do in these little snippets of free time is to jog. You can have a quickie around your house, both inside and out. Jogging in place is also a good idea—at least when your boss pings you, you can get to it right away. And jogging during whole-body vibration can bring you all sorts of fitness benefits! Go on, take your legs out for a spin! 

Do Yoga While You Work

Another exercise you can do while you work is yoga. Just make sure you’re not in a video-call meeting. Your boss/es wouldn’t want to see you do all sorts of poses while they talk business with you. But as long as you don’t huff and puff, you might actually get away with doing it during phone interviews too. Yoga is a relaxing exercise that helps strengthen and soothes your muscles. Beyond just trimming your figure, it keeps your mental state healthy and happy as well. And if you do whole-body vibration training, benefits from both exercises will converge well together. 

Stretch Whenever You Can

If you don’t want to do all those complicated yoga poses, stretching can be enough. You don’t necessarily have to bend and snap your body to look like a pretzel to be flexible. Simple stretches can oftentimes do the trick. When you hear your joints snaps, there’s no other feeling quite like it. It’s both relaxing and satisfying at the same time. And again, it’s even better when you pair it with whole-body vibration therapy! But, similarly to yoga, please don’t do it while you’re having a video conference with your bosses or clients. That won’t look professional at all!

Keep Weights in Your Home Office

One of the best parts of working from home is that you can go straight to the gym and back. Your day won’t have to consist of going to and from three places just to ensure you get to exercise. Or perhaps, even better, you can transform your home office into a mini gym itself. Do you want bigger muscles and a rock-hard physique? Keep some weights in your work area. Lift them when you don’t have to type or write or draw anything. Or when your work consists mostly of those, just lift the weights during your small breaks in-between tasks! 

Control What You Eat

Finally, and what most people tend to forget, is that eating is just as important as exercising when it comes to fitness. and when you work from home, you get to prepare your meals yourself. Sure, when you had to go to the office you can always bring your own lunch from home, but by lunchtime, they won’t be as fresh. Here, all your healthy meals are served fresh, warm, and delicious. They’ll taste far better than reheated pre-prepared meals. And especially better, and even healthier, than what your office cafeteria might serve! 

If you work from home, you no longer have any reason not to stay fit and healthy. Adhering to these ways of working out and eating healthy can guarantee you a healthier body and mind! 

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