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YouTube Video Downloader

A Must Have YouTube Video Downloader

A good YouTube video downloader is a must-have nowadays. Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Many of them get deleted due to channel deactivation, copyright issues, and other reasons. So if you liked a channel, a playlist or a single video and would like to keep it forever, you’d better save it onto your desktop.

There are many YouTube downloaders of any kind that you can find online. It’s not recommended to use online services since there are a lot of drawbacks. First of all, they have limited output options. Usually, you can either get music or a video. Secondly, the services are not stable. If there are many people using it at the moment, they might become unavailable. And thirdly, most of the services provide ads that you either see on their pages or even download on your PC (toolbars, plugins, etc.).

Freemake Video Downloader is a thing you can totally trust. What makes it stand out is that it won’t flood your computer with additional software; it works like a charm, and finally, it has multiple output settings for any occasion.

Since 2010, when Freemake Video tool was released for the 1st time, the software has undergone many changes. Now this YouTube downloader is a fully-functional, stable tool and extremely easy to use tool available for Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, and Win 10.

Video Downloader Interface

Those who are afraid to see a complex program can keep calm. The tool has only two buttons – Paste URL in the top left corner and Options in the lower left corner. The latter lets you choose software language, add YouTube account information for downloading private videos, set restrictions for saving adult video content, and so on.

video downloader interface


There is one more button (Pause All) in the low right corner, but you’ll need it only if you want to stop the downloading process for some time and continue it later.

In the center of the program, you’ll see social networks buttons: Facebook, YouTube, G+. If you click them, they’ll open a corresponding developer’s official account. The Facebook page is regularly updated with new tips, software recommendations, and company news. Thus if you don’t want to miss important updates and hot promo offers, don’t hesitate to follow this page.

Pay attention to the Help tab. It contains links to most important how-to guides, a list of the supported sites, and info about the updates. In fact, as soon as the software gets updated, you’ll be notified about it with a special message right in the software.


video downloader interface

YouTube Downloader Features

To grab YouTube videos, you need only to have its link. You can get it in your browser while watching a video. The freeware doesn’t limit you to have a particular web-browser. You are free to use the one you like: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, or any other.

When you copy a link, click the Paste URL button in the YouTube Downloader to add a link to a download queue. In a new window, you will be offered to choose a video quality (low, medium, HD, Ultra HD, 4K) and format (MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP). For each option, you’ll see an audio quality and an estimated size. The software shows a list of the settings available on YouTube. However, if you didn’t find the format you need, scroll down to a Convert to option and choose an output format from a drop-down menu. Among videos formats, you’ll also find MP3. If you go for this setting, Freemake YouTube downloading tool will save only the audio track from your video. You can select separate options for each video in your download queue.

video downloader interface

Don’t forget to select a destination folder. By default, your videos will go to My Videos folder and MP3s to My Music one.

The Downloader also provides a feature to extract original audio from a YouTube video. In this case, the audio won’t be converted to MP3, but you’ll get it in the original format (usually M4A).

The speed of the software is really amazing. Of course, everything depends on your PC parameters and Internet connection speed, but the software itself works perfectly.

By the way, if your connection is slow, you can limit the software downloading speed. There is a Speed button at the bottom of a tool that will give you several speed options to choose from: 4MBps, 2MBps, 1MBps, etc. Another trick is to limit the number of simultaneous downloads in the Options->Connection tab. You can choose from one to 5 videos for simultaneous downloading. It’s really comfortable when you get many videos in a queue and a slow connection. Instead of downloading everything at once, the software will save files one by one.

video downloader interface


You may also pause one or all downloading processes in case you urgently need all your Internet speed for another scope.

Apart from single videos, YouTube Downloader can also save YouTube playlists and channels in audio or video formats. Please note that the software doesn’t download sets of related videos suggested by YouTube. A real YouTube playlist contains the word playlist in its URL. You can easily save a playlist with up to 500 files.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the software can’t save paid YouTube videos. Thus if you’ve bought a YouTube movie, you won’t be able to save it onto your PC.

YouTube Downloading Tool Bonuses

When you need to download a video that is blocked in your location, Freemake will also help you. In the Options ->Connection tab you’ll find proxy settings. The settings themselves can be found online. Just insert them into the software and download the necessary videos.

Another cool option is the possibility to save online files to cloud storage. Instead of downloading a video or an audio onto your PC and then moving it to your cloud account, you can directly save YouTube content to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or similar cloud storage. Just make sure you have enough of free space to add new files.

An option worth mentioning is a One-click download mode. It’s helpful when you save YouTube always in one format and quality. For example, for your smartphone, tablet, or other portable device. The One-click mode should be set only one time. When you do it, you’ll be able to download YouTube in just one click. To set the mode, enable the option in the top right corner of the software. Select the quality for future files, output format, and a destination folder. Next time when you paste a YouTube link, the tool will download the video automatically with the chosen settings.


video downloader interface


The software keeps your downloading history in case you forgot if you have already downloaded the video or not. It can be accessed from the Download tab.

Apart from YouTube, you can download videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, public Facebook videos that don’t require login information, videos from adult sites, and much more.

All in all, YouTube video Downloader tool described above is a marvelous program that offers more than any other software of a kind. The program has got multiple awards from the leading tech blogs and magazines like PC World, Chip, PC Advisor and others. Just give it a try, and it’ll become of your favorite tools.






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