Facebook Messenger Chatboats Get Payment Support

Facebook Messenger Chatboats Get Payment Support

On Monday, Facebook declared a new online payment system. The online payment system will allow businesses to sell directly to consumer on its Messenger application.

The huge social network of Facebook said in a statement “We’re kicking off the beginning of messages with payments that will allow businesses to sell products and services directly to customers in Messenger”

“Customer can check out with some easy clicks, without ever closing the Messenger App.”

Facebook may be able to monetize its free messaging application, which is used by over a billion people, by making it an e-commerce platform.

Facebook Messenger‘s chatboats will now be able to accept payment directly without going to an external website.

Before this year Facebook opened up Messenger to developer to create new application and “Chatboats” which can interact with users. These chatboats can provide information but customers who wanted to make purchase had to be directed to an external website.

Facebook’s Messenger chief David Marcus, who noted that the payments system will support most credit cards and payment services including visa, MasterCard, American Express, Stripe, PayPal and Braintree. From the trade side, when users will see “Buy now” links arises in relevant chats. Click on the link will mention a quick payment confirmation tab that by default to whichever credit card a user has attached to their Facebook or Messenger account.

Facebook messenger chatboats
Facebook Messenger Chatboats (native Payments)

Recently, the feature is available for particular developers as a closed beta, but selling sites and devs can still apply to be included in the test run before it coming out to all developers.

The Facebook Company said developers have created more than 30,000 bots for Messenger, and many more developers are working on application.

While some boats focused on delivering news-have done well, others boats have needed a lots of work to offering a convincing experience.

In addition of webview and payments, something like Hipmunk’s forthcoming travel bot using that can find travelers and book airline tickets and hotels, as well as show routes right in the Messenger App.

Now, developers will also given more guidance from Facebook on how to build successful Messenger experience with the addition of the new capabilities.


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