Facebook demean clickbait !!

Facebook demean clickbait !!

San Francisco – Facebook is a for-profit corporation and online social networking service based in Menlo Park, California says to demean what it considers to be “clickbait” news stories from publishers in its news feed, in another step to keep its 1.71 billion members regularly coming back to its social network. Facebook is escalating its war on “clickbait” headlines by instituting a new system on its newsfeed that will weed out misleading and exaggerated headlines.

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s vice president for product management for the news feed said in an interview, “We want publishers to post content that people care about, and we think people care about headlines that are much more straightforward,”.

“Our goal with News Feed is to show people the stories most relevant to them — ranking stories so that what’s most important to each person shows up highest in their News Feeds. When we rank and make improvements to News Feed, we rely on a set of core values”, Alex Peysakhovich, Research Scientist and Kristin Hendrix, User Experience Researcher wrote on blog.

The blog post listed three examples of clickbait headlines: “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS… I Was SHOCKED!”; “He Put Garlic In His Shoes Before Going To Bed And What Happens Next Is Hard To Believe”; and “The Dog Barked At The Deliveryman And His Reaction Was Priceless.”

The move will most likely heighten the anxiety of publishers that rely heavily on Facebook for traffic and often complain about having little insight into the company’s decision-making on how its all-powerful algorithm functions. The new update is based on publishers’ behavior, rather than the users.

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