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Is Social Media Marketing Connected To SEO?

While studying the relationship between SEO and social media, new learners get confused about a thing. Search engines say that they do not deem social media behavior and interactions as a ranking factor, and hence site rankings are not affected by what links and contents are getting posted on social media. SEO experts still are too much active on social media, and social media marketing is the lifeline of online marketing which every SEO expert believes to be affecting ranking in an indirect way. Hence what is the connection, are the SEO experts lying or telling the truth, and how exactly and why social media should be used to rank a site, are some of the things the new learner surely would take time to understand.

Does social media behavior and interactions affect ranking?

It does not affect ranking directly if you go by the policies of Google and other major search engines. But that’s not the end to the discussion. Search engines do not pick posts and contents shared on social media directly to rank a site, and that’s true. But the amount of posts and content sharing on social media surely attracts user attention globally. And the more you grab attention on social media, the more you develop chances of link sharing, site name mention on posts, and much more discussions about the product or cause.

This way, social behavior, and interactions directly affect user behavior and attitude towards a site. The site gains direct organic traffic from socially shared posts etc., and this affects and improves their search engine rankings directly; that is why the social buzz is so strong. Now, you know why social media marketing is important in a way, and how it indirectly and yet strongly affects traffic and the ranking too.

Building social media reputation

A good SEO expert understands the importance of building a reputation on social media. Making a fake account or multiple accounts against one user is really easy on social media. So many users do this. But for a search engine or an intelligent user or any intelligent program, it’s easy to detect which one is a fake account. The fake account is one where there will be no good quality contacts and associations, little shares and likes, very little postings and so on. Actually, if you have opened 100 social media accounts on the same social platform, to market your site, and are using them all, it’s only possible for you to post links and spread links, and nothing else. Social interactions, making friends, quality posting and all would not be possible in those 100 accounts, and things would look really silly and mechanical. That is why you can easily detect the difference between a real account and a fake account made for such marketing purpose.

Hence, if you are serious about social media marketing, it’s important to devote enough time in that account to make it a good one with rich contacts and associations, quality interaction with friends and people, rich posting, sharing and all. The overall activity level in that account must be good enough with high-quality interactions and exchange of information along with links. That is how reputation gets built on social media.

Sharing is important in social media

Social sharing is much important on social media for spreading the news and word. If you are not sharing content on social media frequently posting etc., then you are missing out the great opportunity to increase fan following for your site. The more you talk, brag, advertise and spread post about your site in interesting and engaging ways the better. That is what social media is for, where without taking tension of being promotional you really can promote your thing. If your shares are really interesting and worth visiting, people will share them, and that is how you would get recognition.

Open account in leading social media sites

To stay active, share your content on social media, attract the attention of visitors through sharing of engaging, interactive, quality posts, you must have accounts in leading social media sites. And there is no good reason to distract or confuse search engines and people by opening multiple accounts for the same user profile with the same cause. Instead of dividing your attention on multiple places you must try to make one single account as much engaging and nice as possible. Looking at your profile, one must get a clear idea of what it is or, how you interact, what kind of posts you share and take an interest in, what kind of people or profiles you associate to, etc.

What is fascinating about social media marketing?

Social media marketing is really an interesting and fascinating way to tell people about who you are, what you do, what your interests are, what’s the product and cause you are working for, and so many things. And instead of being textual or boring as it happens with educative articles, you may be much entertaining and engaging on social media. You can post animations, pictures, videos and much more on social media to engage your audience. This way people takes interest, reads and follows you to your site. And that is why you get traffic, which is totally organic. People visiting your site talks of it on other places thereby creating some organic links and mentions too. And that is how your name gets spread, and the rank of searches also improve. Hence this is a great way to directly get some traffic and indirectly improve ranking. That is why expert SEO agencies like Chicago SEO Kotton Grammer emphasizes on the use of social media widely.

Concluding notes

You have understood by now, which the buzz about social media marketing is so strong, and how content can really be made viral in just minutes using the power of social media. That is why, to get good traffic and improved ranking through SEO, you must try social media marketing, and get an SEO expert to work on your site which has a reputation for the same.

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