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Essential Steps for an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is considered to be an important digital marketing strategy for all types of businesses to reach to a greater number of prospective consumers and drive in more traffic to their web platforms. For those who are new to business-centric social media marketing, here are some quick benefits of it.

  1. Social media can be your source of traffic

Whatever industry you are into, whichever segment of consumers you are serving to, a large number of them will be on the social media networks. A recent study revealed that almost 68% of American care on Facebook. Among the youngsters or age 18 to 24, about 78% of the use of Instagram and nearly 45% on Twitter. Among the elder Americans who are 65 above, about 37% are active social media users. Reaching to them through these channels to share your messages can surely win you more traffic in response.

  1. Social media marketing for SEO

Even though it isn’t directly linked, the increased traffic you gain through social media promotions can surely act as an SEO booster for your website. Many of the times, it may be simply re-sharing content or making an announcement through the social media channels, but all these can help to boost your search ranking.

  1. Social media helps to understand the audience better

What makes the social channels like Facebook and Twitter the most effective marketing tools is their capacity to interact personally with the customers. It’s a two-way interaction which makes it more effective than one-sided marketing promotions. By reading the customer insights and comments in response to your postings, you can get an instant insight into their expectations and behavior. You get your typical strategic marketing questions answered through such platforms as:

  • What products they like the most and why?
  • What issues are they usually facing with similar products or services?
  • Which posts are going more viral?
  • What type of websites did they use to visit?
  1. Build individual relationships

Social media is viewed as a personalized platform, so it is an opportunity for business marketers to build individual relationships with the potential customer base by planning the most appropriate planning digital strategy. Social media channels are ideal platforms also to engage loyal customers and provide them with needed support.

  1. Targeting and retargeting through social media

Nowadays, there is an opportunity to plan highly-targeted ads through social media, which can be customized based on consumer needs. Facebook ads can specifically target the audience by categorizing them in terms of age, demographics, gender, location, educational qualification, working status, primary interests, and even by their consumer behavior.

How to do social media marketing?

Now, as we know the major benefits of social media marketing, the next big question is how to use social media for business effectively? As a social media marketer, things are not so easy, but once if you succeed in it, the sky is the limit. You have to approach social media marketing with a clearly defined and documented strategy to succeed. Here, we will discuss a few essential aspects of SMM.

  1. Audit your business’ current social media profiles

Before you set up a social media plan, it is essential to take a close look at where you are now. Some major areas to consider for this are:

  • Which social networks you have a presence in?
  • Are your social media profiles optimized (i.e., photos, images, bio, URL, links, etc.)?
  • Which network brings you more results?
  • Is your profile perfect when compared to that of your competitors?
  1. Define your ideal customer

You have to be very specific about this part. Once if you identify your target market, next you have to try and define your ideal customer person to whom you may be selling. Say, for example, a typical customer persona may be defined like ‘a parent in the US who is between 30 to 50 years of age, earns around $60,000 annually, active of Facebook, interested in outdoor activities.’ You will fail if you are marketing to the wrong target audience.

  1. Create a mission statement for social media

A perfect mission statement will drive all your social media marketing actions in the right direction. So, put some serious thought and time into defining it. Such a statement should make your plans clear and reflect your brand’s identity. Keep your ideal customer persona in mind while creating such a statement. A sample statement may be like “creating awareness among the target group audience about the importance of personal hygiene and the use of quality products for it.”

  1. Identify the success metrics

You cannot improve your social media strategy if you cannot measure it. So, it is essential to determine the success rate of your social media strategies. It is not all about getting more likes and followers, but now the focus is strictly into getting more profit. It may be a bit hard to rationalize the time and money spent on something which isn’t improving at the bottom line. Some of the key metrics for this measurement include, but not limited to:

  • Conversion rates
  • Time spent on social media campaigns
  • Budget spent
  • Reach of social media profiles
  • Brand mentions on social media
  • Market sentiment
  • Shares, likes, comments, and rate of engagement
  1. Plan and curate engaging social media content

Content is the king in any web-related activity, and social media is no exception. It is found that many marketers directly jump into this step without proper groundwork. In fact, there are many vital steps before curating content to publish on social media channels. Social media content has a broader coverage as:

  • Text content
  • Images and videos
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Interviews and so on.

For social media, it is ideal to use a fine mix of all content types and follow a perfectly planned content calendar, which outlines what type of content to publish at what time to get optimum engagement.

Along with these essential steps, you also need to invest in some good SMM tools also which will make the task of the marketers easier and more professional. Always keep track of the performance of your social media activities and keep in optimizing the strategies to consistently stay on top.

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