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Why You Should Sign Up For An Account With

In email marketing, you need a vast array of tools to see you through the whole stint. steps up to fill this void by being a platform with a variety of tools for the selected marketing approach.

Why should you sign up for an account with It is highly advisable to do that due to the various perks you will benefit from. As a platform, it is credible and your marketing protocol will receive a boost. This is thanks to their tools like highly-profitable email drip campaigns and some other useful instruments.

Getting started with

To get started, you need to sign up for an account by providing your valid details: name, email address, and a password. An email will be then sent to the provided address for verification purposes. Once verified you are free to go and sample the various tools and features available.

Also, you may need their browser extensions to work faster. So go to the Chrome Webstore and add the plug-ins to the browser.

Features of

So what makes a great platform? Let us have a deeper look at some of its key features.

Email Finder

The email hunter enables you to come across several email addresses that you can email as part of the marketing campaign. The email finding tool retrieves addresses from names and companies that you can also use for lead generation. Other retrieval methods include the domain and boolean searches. provides an extension for this tool so you can easily and quickly find people’s email addresses on the web. Also, the extension allows sending emails right from it.

Email Verifier

With Email Verifier, you will say goodbye to invalid addresses that have no real recipients. Undelivered messages may lead to your account receiving some penalties such as getting suspended or banned. Such penalties may get in the way of marketing sessions.

The email checker ensures all the email addresses are valid hence it helps improve the delivery rate. You can use their browser extension too.

Email Drip Campaigns

The name writes itself: this feature allows sending email drip campaigns. This tool gives an opportunity to build a thread of personalized triggered emails to the target group of recipients. The salutations differ depending on the person although the message in the email is the same.

You can use this feature when you have your eyes set on a particular target market due to its homogenous nature.

Email Tracker has the special email tracker feature which lets you know of the fate of the sent and delivered emails. You can know how many delivered messages were opened. In case of links, you know the ones that had clicks. The tracker is a great statistical addition which lets you know of the strength of the chosen marketing approach. It is available as a Chrome extension only.

Technology Checker

The technology checker helps in giving you information on the competitor’s strategies. This is relevant as it helps you keep up with their pace and also get new ideas on what approaches to incorporate during marketing stint.

The premium plan

Despite the free plan having several features, the premium plan is the right thing in giving you access to more features guaranteed to improve email marketing. There are several plans you can pick from depending on the budget and benefits expected.


In conclusion, is a great platform that you need to sign up with for enhanced advertising via email. The several features under its name provide you with a great environment to make sure all goes well during the product promotion.

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