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Is it time for you to conduct a Sitecore audit?

When you have a new website, adding fresh content, editing existing content and managing all content can seem complicated. Any website requires a reliable and powerful CMS to allow the website owners to modulate the functionalities of the site. The quality of the CMS you pick should determine the ease of editing and maintenance to a significant degree. That is the very reason tech experts hold Sitecore in high regards. Sitecore facilitates easy access and personalization options to the site owners.

However, like all CMS platforms, Sitecore requires the presence of dedicated and certified partners for smooth editing, implementation, and updating. It is a highly intuitive CMS platform that should meet all your organizational needs. In case you are struggling to achieve that, you should think about a Sitecore Audit. A Sitecore Implementation Audit can help you with bug fixes, and upgrading.

If you are ready for some changes in the way your website functions, you need to consider an implementation audit. Here are a few reasons the experts at Get Fishtank swear by the audit from time to time –

  1. Your existing Sitecore implementation has glitches

Sitecore should reduce the time and cost of developing and maintaining a website. So, if you are spending excessive time and money to fix recurrent bugs in your site, it is time for an audit.

The Sitecore implementation audit gives you the details necessary for understanding the state of your site’s implementation. It can also help you understand if your website developer followed the Sitecore best practices during each stage of development. An audit like this can help you zero in on the factors responsible for the recurrent issues you might be facing.

  1. You are in search of a new Sitecore Partner

When you are switching to a new partner, you must begin the relationship under the best circumstances. A Sitecore audit will provide you with the necessary details of the Sitecore implementation.  It will paint a clear picture of the services you need immediately from the new partner.

When you have the results of a recent Sitecore audit in your hands, your new, certified Sitecore partner should be able to provide you with accurate estimates and answers. Additionally, it will save you precious time since your new partner will not have to begin from scratch. It will save you money too because you will provide your new partners with a direction from the very beginning.

An audit can provide your partner with value-adding information regarding the efficiency and applicability of a solution. That way your new partners can begin making necessary improvements right after you get on board.

  1. Your website requires a Sitecore update

Sitecore has released several updates in the past years, and it will launch several more. These updates are not the easiest even under the best circumstances. Without the expert help of Sitecore Partners, your website might encounter several bugs.

A Sitecore audit can call out the outdated code snippets, old and incompatible third-party modules, and the failure to adhere to the best Sitecore practices. Not locating these discrepancies before or immediately after an update can lead to significant losses and unsatisfied users.

If you have an update waiting, schedule an audit before that. This Sitecore audit can help you sort things out before launching the update en masse. Even the minutest discrepancies can cause significant emergencies. Removing them before the upgrade begins running in full throttle can help you address them in time.

  1. You want to use the best features of the Sitecore CMS

You want to use every feature Sitecore has to offer. However, that has only remained a dream so far due to the absence of dedicated and certified Sitecore partners, who can help you make the best of all the resources Sitecore has offered to you. The audit can help you find out all the follies in your site architecture before you are ready to leverage all Sitecore features and functionalities.

A proper Sitecore implementation audit can help you uncover the reasons your current website structure is incapable of using all Sitecore features. It will also give you detailed reports on the current status of the implementation. It should show you whether you can move forward with your dreams or not.

  • Your Sitecore Audit is long due

When you embraced Sitecore as your CMS a couple of years ago, every website function was up and running smoothly. Over time, the site has become slow to load, it has acquired multiple unused plug-ins, and there are un-optimized snippets of codes that affect your site’s rankings. We have seen some of the busiest websites running on outdated versions of Sitecore. The regular glitches and customer complaints cost them monumentally. The only way to overcome this challenge is by running an audit every year.

If you long for a stable website with a long lifespan and an ability to satisfy all customers from across the world, then you should pay close attention to the Sitecore audit schedule your certified Sitecore Partner recommends. Performing periodical audits can help you take care of the minute problems that crop up due to the incompatibility of the versions. Sitecore solutions evolve as any good CMS solution should. That makes it imperative for even the most veteran website owners to seek help from trained and certified Sitecore Partners when the time comes to perform an implementation audit.

A Sitecore implementation audit does not slow down your existing site or take it off the web during the auditing period. Additionally, the audit can help you understand if your old Sitecore partner is providing the services your website needs. It will also assist in the evaluation of technical expertise and communication. There are times when your site will feel slower than usual, and the website user experience will not feel as smooth, during these instances you should not waste another minute. Run your Sitecore audit to find the faults that are causing these disruptions. If you are a new website owner, ask your Sitecore Partner for help during the audit.

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