SEO: Big Picture, Small Picture

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. It’s worth nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars and has a hand in everything from email to video games. At the center of Google’s business plan is its immensely popular search engine that dominates the search engine market on the internet. Google is a giant and it is part of a very big picture.

That big picture matters to local businesses. While Google and the internet may be global properties, they can be of vital importance on smaller scales as well. Without the right strategy for dealing with Google’s importance, local businesses will find themselves unable to reach customers or make profits. These days, there’s no such thing as a business that can’t benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). The trick is knowing how, and which strategy is right for you.

The big picture

Google wasn’t the only search engine when it burst onto the market in the 1990s. It was the best, however, and captured a fan base early on. Users loved that Google didn’t cover its homepage with ads and found that Google’s top-secret algorithm was the best for coming up with relevant results.

Today, Google is the most dominant company in the search engine space. Google’s market share in search stands are more than 90 percent by some measures. That translates to trillions of searches every year.

Those search queries are for all sorts of things. In fact, a good 15 percent of all searches Google receives are unique. Some, of course, are not. Highly trafficked keywords can be extremely valuable for virtually every industry. That causes websites to compete against one another for top spots on search engine results pages. Those top links are the most-clicked ones, which makes a huge difference to big businesses.

It makes a huge difference to small ones, as well:

The small picture

Google hasn’t been on top of the search engine heap for so long because it doesn’t understand search. Google knows very well what its user searchers want, and the company has put a lot of work into making sure that it’s delivering the most relevant answers to every query it can. To that end, Google has invested heavily in local search.

Even early on, Google recognized that people searching for things like “auto repair” or “restaurants” were not interested in global results. They were looking for local businesses and Google obliged by creating local search algorithms that connected these searchers with local options.

That, in turn, has made search engine optimization enormously important to local businesses. Gone are the days when the Yellow Pages and a prime location were your going to be your best bets for finding customers. Today, you need to make sure that your business ranks high for relevant queries on Google and is front and center on Google Maps.

In other words, local businesses need local SEO services. And, to do that, small business owners need to turn to the right outsourced solutions.

SEO involves a lot of details and a lot of tricky decisions. From keyword density to link equity, there are far too many factors for this to be a task you could leave to amateurs. Factor in the fast-moving world of SEO updates (SEO best practices change every time that Google updates its algorithm, for instance), and you have a situation that only the professionals should handle. To make Google work for your business, seek out the help of trained SEO and digital marketing experts who understand how to help your local business succeed in local searches.

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