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Understanding dwell time and its relevance to search engine optimization

In the event that you are a business owner, then in your efforts to successfully optimize your business website you may have seen the term “dwell time” is mentioned plenty of times in various articles. However, a lot of people still fail to understand its relevance and its importance in the process of search engine optimization. It is crucial for you to understand what dwell time really is and how search engine rankings are affected by it and if you can also influence it. In this post, you will be learning about the various details of dwell time and its relevance in search engine optimization.

Know dwell time: Dwell time is basically the amount of time that a person will spend in looking at any web page when they visit it after getting its link from the SERP page and before returning to the previous SERP result page. You will have also done this plenty of times. It is basically a brief moment in which you will be evaluating the web page which you have clicked to visit. It will be either instantly providing you with an answer which you needed, or you realize that the page does not have the answer and you return back to the SERP results. As a metric, the dwell time will affect the search engines because the more of time that a person can spend on a particular page and consume its content then there is a greater possibility that the specific page did satisfy their specific requirements. Although it may seem like a broad generalization but it does apply to plenty of pages. The opposite of this also remains true because when someone spends less time on a particular page, then it means they are not satisfied with its content. Dwell time is a unique metric which a lot of search engines will use and it does add some form of value to the rankings of a business website on some level.

It is crucial also to analyze how important this metric is and if it is also a mixture of a lot of different factors and whether improving those factors may improve your website’s dwell time also. You will need to focus on several broad improvements in your website because that will increase your user engagement and it will go on to increase your dwell time also a result.

Dwell time and bounce rate of your page: Dwell time and the bounce rate of a page are two different things altogether. Bounce will be happening if a user visits your page, sees just one page after which he decides to leave the website altogether. Thus, the bounce rate will be basically the percentage of the single page sessions that is divided by the total sessions in your website or any specific page in it. The people who bounce may not also be all coming from the SERPs. Also, if some users do visit your page through the SERP, it will not mean that they will again click back and return to the old SERP again. They may also have closed that page or even perhaps navigated completely to a new website.

Dwell time and an average time of a web page: Some people also feel that dwell time and average time are similar and have even used the two terms interchangeably. However, it is crucial to understand that the average time on any page is just the amount of time which some spend in any of your pages on your whole website on an average. The user might have found that page from somewhere on social media or perhaps from any other webpage or perhaps from an email or any other type of source. 

Dwell time and click through rates: The organic search and click through rates are an important aspect of your overall search engine optimization process. It is basically a percentage of the number of people that have clicked on your link in your webpage from the total number of the users who had seen that specific SERP. It may often get confused and even grouped together with the concept of dwell time, but this would be fundamentally misleading. The dwell time is specifically concerned with the actions that happen after a user makes the click and it is not related to the percentage of the total amount of users who search and make a click. 

Dwell time and visit: It needs to be understood that every click which you get is basically a visit, but all visits would not be equal in nature. You will know only the specific version of this metric and its importance in your business; however, most business owners agree that visits that are lesser than a second are not ideal. IT is important to understand that a business owner you must ensure that your business website will encourage people to engage with it. The analytics team will track these visits and make due changes to improve it. 

How should you influence the dwell time?

Specifically, there is nothing that you can do to influence your dwell time in a positive manner. But there are a number of smaller things which you can do which can improve it. You will need to focus on improving the total user experience of visiting your business website, and you will need to put relevant and useful content. You should not use auto-playing videos because users do not prefer that. You must not bury the answers of important questions towards the bottom of the page under large pictures. You must ensure that your content is easy to locate and it must be something that a user notices first after they visit your page.

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Search engine optimization is the essential aspect of the smooth functioning of a business website. IT is important that you improve the overall user experience of your business website and provide quality content to ensure that your page’s dwell time increases as this will increase your SEO.

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