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The new Gear S3 released have been very much focused on ensuring that Samsung improves the style of its smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S2 VS Gear S3 Frontier VS Gear S3 Classic Differences

Samsung has lastly discovered its Gear s3 smartwatch, with this new range comprising the Frontier and Classic models. These two new smartwatches will now retail alongside the accessible Gear s2.

The new watch has retained the rotating bezel from the s2, but the Gear s3 also feature frequent improvements from the previous release.

Consumer will conjecture whether or not to advance to the new units, so here is a comparison of the qualities and specs of the three devices.

Samsung Gear s3:  Display

Both the Gear s3 Frontier and Gear s3 classic are slightly upgraded from the Gear s2 in terms of display. The two new smartwatches feature slightly improved display sizes over the Gear s2, with both the frontier and classic benefiting from 1.3 inch AMOLED displays.

There is no improvement in a screen resolution, though, with Samsung sticking to the 360*360 pixels which was included in the Gear s2.


It had been assumed that Samsung would improve the processor in the Gear s3 in order to ensure that the smartwatch runs more smoothly.

But improvements in this department will have to be achieved via software solutions, as the same dual core 1 GHZ processor included in the s2 is retained for both units.


The new Gear S3 released have been very much focused on ensuring that Samsung improves the style of its smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S2 VS Gear S3 Frontier VS Gear S3 Classic Differences


However, both the gear s3 Frontier and Gear s3 classic receive a welcome boost in the memory departments, possibly also contributing to the performance of the new generation.

The 768 MB of memory compares favorably with the 512 MB which were included in the Samsung Gear s2.


But Samsung has decided against improving the storage capacity included in each new smartwatch generation, with 4 GB of storage being retained for both the Gear s3 Frontier and Gear s3 classic.


Samsung has given the Gear s3 generation a massive boost with the battery included. While the 250mAh cell included in the Gear s2 gave reasonable performance of approximately two days of battery life cycles, this has been significantly improved with the Gear s3.

Both the gear s3 Frontier and Gear s3 classic are armed with 380mAh cells, meaning that battery life cycles is improved to 4 days on a single charge.

Operating system:

Tizen will still be present in the Samsung Gear S3, but an improved version of the software will deliver some valuable improvements according to the Korean corporation.

It is believed that this will particularly translate into improvements in battery life, which coupled with the actual increase in battery size could make the watch significantly more convenient to use that the s2.

Size and weight:

Both of the new Gear s3 models are somewhat larger than the previous s2 release. The Gear s2 featured dimensions of 42.3*49.8*11.4mm, while both of the two new smartwatch contenders measure 46*49*12.9mm.

Additionally, the weight of the Gear s2 was 47g, while the s3 Frontier is 62g in weight, with the s3 classic weighing in at 59g.

New Features:

Both the Gear s3 Frontier and classic include some new functionality with the intention of attracting new consumers.

A GPS system has been included in both editions of the gear s3, providing additional health related functionality, and opening the smartwatches up to a wide variety of tracking.


The gear s3 classic is fairly similar in design to the last generation Gear s2, but the two sides buttons included in the smartwatch are more pronounced in this new release.

The Frontier has a bulkier, more robust bezel, and is intended to be more adventurous released of the two; suitable for those interested in trekking around harsh terrain.

Samsung has emphasised the military style protection included with the s3 Frontier, and this helps to explain the slight additional weight of the device in comparison to the classic.

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