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Samsung galaxy s2 update: Install latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 I9100

Here we are describing on Samsung galaxy s2 update. Samsung has yet again released a new firmware update for Galaxy s2 I9100; Android 4.1.2 jelly bean official firmware for uses. Here is a conduct to install latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 I9100. This guide will be using ‘Odin’ as a tool to flash the official firmware on your Galaxy S2 I9100.  Throughout the process, you might lose all your existing installed apps and personal settings. It is therefore required for you to follow the conduct carefully. Don’t try this guide in any other Android device.


Install latest Android 4.1.2 jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 I9100.

  1. Download and Extract your applicable Android 4.1.2 firmware update file to get a file with .tar addition in the unzipped folder.
  2. You will then extract Odin Zip file to get Odin3 v3.07.exe.
  3. Switch your phone off. And make sure that you wait 5-6 seconds to confirm complete the power down cycle.
  4. You will then put your Galaxy s2 I9100 phone in Download mode by pressing and holding down the volume down button, alongside Home and the power button, until the screen flashes the Samsung Logo. After a few seconds of that, the phone will enter download mode.
  5. Run Odin3 v3.07.exe with Administrator rights.
  6. Connect your Galaxy S2 I9100 with your PC. You will then see a notification show in Odin in the bottom left saying “Added!!”. If for some reason, you do not see the said notification, try another USB port. If that too doesn’t work, then reinstall the USB driver. Once you successfully see the “Added!!” notification in Odin, you are good to go. Also, check for COM port being depicted by a number in ‘yellow’ to make sure that you has successfully added your device.
  7. Select the subsequent files in Odin at their respective tabs from extracted Android 4.1.2 firmware folder:
  • Click the ‘PDA’ Button, and select the .tar file extracted in Step 1.
  • Click the ‘Phone’ Button, and select file with *modem* in its name (Ignore, if this file does not file exist).
  • Click the ‘CSC’ Button, and select file with *csc* in its name (Ignore, if this file does not file exist).
  • Click the ‘PIT’ Button, and select the .pit file. Use only if you got it while extracting in step 1 above, otherwise ignore it.
  • In Odin window, make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check-boxes are selected. Please make sure that Re-Partition checkbox is selected, only if you are using a .pit file.
  • Hit the ‘START’ button to begin the flashing process.

Once the flashing process is completed, the phone will mechanically reboot and you will see a ‘Green’ PASS announcement in the top-left-most box. You can unplug the device from the computer now.

If you have followed every point described in the guide, your Galaxy S2 I9100 now be running latest Android 4.1.2 jelly Bean.

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