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A Professional Guide to Online Slots

A Professional Guide to Online Slots

A while back, it was necessary to physically avail yourself to a casino to play the casino games. However, the casino environment was quite challenging for many people. Inconvenience, for example, was a reason for many not making the casino trips. Then came the age of technology and with it the spread of internet like a wildfire. Casino software developers took advantage and brought online slots versions of these land based casino games. Now, in the comfort of your own domicile, you can enjoy your favorite slot game. While many are subscribing into gaming platforms, there is another pressing challenge. Most beginners have no idea on where to start or how to start. The large variety of slot games available can leave you undecided. It may become difficult to choose from the many types which game will be good and suitable to your liking.

Why You Need this Guide

There are important decisions to be made. Added to that you will need to know what each game offers so you can pick your favorite. Therefore, despite the convenience of online slot machines, you will need a little more information to get you started. Going into the venture of playing them without sufficient understanding could be detrimental to your slots career. It greatly minimizes your chances of winning when you don’t know about the game’s extra features. Therefore, this guide will give you an upper hand in the game. It will facilitate your gaming career. Here you will find relevant information to see through.

Why Choose Online Slots

Online casinos have become numerous on the internet. As a result, many casino games can be accessed online. These online games are favorable because you don’t have to include any third parties. In another way, that can be a setback if you don’t understand the game. Of all these games, online slots have become the most played. There are numerous reasons why they are trending in the gambling world.

  • They are easy – the games are relatively easy even on the first encounter. Amateurs in the gambling business are fond of these games because they offer a smooth introduction to the twists and turns of wagering.
  • There are minimal rules if any – online slot games are devoid of the many complex rules and regulations common to other casino games. The guiding principles are just a few and basic. It is easier to get started with as it does not need a lot of prior knowledge and experience.
  • They offer attractive, huge prospects – the payouts from these games are amazing. Compared to other casino games, slot machines offer the best lots of all. This is so despite their basic structure and is thus a favorite for many.

The Basic Formula

Though there are many types of online slot games with different structures and design features, they have a common play procedure. Once you get this simple fact down and at the tip of your fingers, there is nothing further to stop you from starting off. As expected, a few variants will occur on the application of this principle from one type of slot game to another. However, they are minor and can be learned in the progress of the game.

The diagram below shows the procedural steps required for the basic online slot;

Basic Formula

Understanding Different Online Slots

This section explains some of the major online slot types. It highlights the basic features and things to know about each. Find among them which one suits your needs and preferences most and stick with it. If you are the outgoing kind though, feel free to try them all.

  • 3 reel slots. This type of slot game is the basic and as such the easiest as well. It includes just a single pay line that is in the middle of the three columns. At the end of a spin, the symbols appearing on the screen are compared to those on the pay table. The pay table contains an arrangement of symbols each associated with a particular pay out. Thus, depending on the combination on your screen, you win the respective amount attributed to it in the pay table.
  • 5 reel slots. With more reels, this type adds a little more complexity. Five reel slots are also referred to as video slots. They feature a larger amount of pay lines; as many as a hundred. What this means is that you have increased opportunities to land a better win.
  • Progressive Jackpot slots. All online slot games have jackpots to be won. The difference with progressive jackpots is that they accumulate every time that particular slot is played. Therefore, progressive jackpots can be huge sums of money. You should very well try your hand in these lucrative slots.
  • 3D slots. As the name suggests, 3D slots have three-dimensional capabilities added to them. These slot machines are interactive and engaging. They are based on specific storylines, and as a player, you can choose the story and characters that interest you most.
  • i-slots. This type is suitable for online video game enthusiasts. The obvious advantage with i-slots is that you take part in an adventure in the course of the game.
  • Feature slots. They are called feature slot machines because they have additional characteristics incorporated. Some give free spins or extra rounds coupled with the inclusion of more symbols.

You are now ready to start your online slots experience. Happy gambling.

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