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PrankDial: Best Prank App for Prank Calling

PrankDial is the world’s no 1 prank calling service. They have sent over 300 million calls, and they are not stopping it. PrankDial voice recognition software will make you think they are speaking to a real person. It sends the pre-recorded call to your friends and has fun. It is the best spoof calling app in the market right now. It has so many features like caller ID spoofing, in this, your phone number will appear as an unknown number to another person’s mobile phone.

In this article, we would like to share the information about what is PrankDial and how can you use it.

What is PrankDial?

PrankDial is a world’s number 1 prank calling service. You can use this application to make a spoof call and voice recognition software. You will have to take the fun of your friends think they are speaking to a real person.

PrankDial performs such functions like:

  • You can select hundreds of pre-recorded call scenarios
  • Using PrankDial send pre-recorded call to your friends
  • You can get the call history of your friends for free
  • You can submit their reactions like rate/comment.
  • Users can also save calls to their own prank call history free

How Do I Use PrankDial?

The prandial process is very simple. When you open the PrankDial app on Android, iOS, or website, you will have to know where to place a spoof call without requiring any technical knowledge but still if you bother to find it use the below steps for easy use of the PrankDial app.

  1. You can use PrankDial apps from Android, iOS, or from website
  2. Choose your platform for apps.
  3. Sign- in and if not registered then register or make an account
  4. Choose an option like,  “why you call my Girlfriend” “you hit my car” “why you call me” and “PrankDial pizza delivery” and others.
  5. Select the number you want to call.
  6. Send prank call

The normal service is free for you don’t have to pay for this. If you want to use the full version of the PrankDial app you have to purchase tokens.

How can we get more tokens in PrankDial?

There are so many ways to get tokens in PrankDial. You shall see all aspects of apps like offers, sharing, and purchase buttons on the “Get Tokens” page on the mobile apps or website. The simple way to purchase tokens is by credit card or in-app purchase. There are also some other factors for free token like earn tokens by completing offers or sharing the app with friends for its refer and earn offer.

Features of PrankDial Tokens:

There are so many benefits of PrankDial token users. Some of the features are given below:

  • No ads will show if you have purchased tokens
  • Not show PrankDial promo at the end of calls
  • Token users can call after 10 PM
  • Free tokens are lost if your call didn’t get picked up or voicemail.
  • Token users can make an international call
  • Token users can get instant email support from their technical team.

Why PrankDial is down? What happened in it?

Nowadays, if you are bored visiting PrankDial’s website or apps then you noticed that it is not working. users are bothered about PrankDial apps is active or why PrankDial is closed. PrankDial apps or websites are shut down for maintenance purposes due to some tests on its iOS app but the PrankDial website does not show any clearance for maintenance. It is still unclear for PrankDial will be back and users will be able to make a spoof call with fake caller ID.

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