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Posting too many links – Is that a risky SEO Campaign?

When it comes to SEO and online business strategy, the web world appears more like a complicated word. Gone are the days, when people used to log in only to get discounts in baby products or glittering accessories. Nowadays, however, a vast section of internet users comes online to search about almost everything. That means they no more pen down numbers of people or services they need, like a sign shop, plumber, roofer, and other service providers. They simply opt for online searching. This common looking activity has more turned into a habit, which means fewer opportunities for local businesses to thrive and this is where online business comes to play.

Simplifying the term, SEO refers to all the activities and processes that are intended towards proper creation and maintenance for establishing an online presence of the business. Search engine optimization is based on many rules that are followed to offer visibility to a service or business. These rules change with search engine’s activities, thus encouraging website owners to put more effort into attracting traffic. Abiding by the rules is as important as knowing them because without them your business cannot make a stand in cutthroat competition of online marketing. For search engine optimization, different people use different sorts of strategies. Generally, people use to create a lot of links for getting quick SEO result. Is that a good practice at all? In the following section, these things will be discussed.

Understand Google Algorithm

Though experts always try to understand Google algorithm, in reality, it is impossible to understand the algorithm of Google fully. Google actually changes its algorithm quite frequently. That makes SEO campaign dynamic. Some strategies that are not working right now may become highly effective in the future. Since there are always a lot of uncertainties with the Google algorithm, it is important for us to understand a few patterns that work well.

In many cases, it is also important to understand a few patterns that do not work well. Publishing too many links from a few particular websites may not go well.

On the other hand, publishing them from some other websites may fetch excellent result. Due to this uncertainty, you need to go for trial and error method to understand or determine the pattern. Link publishing patterns that work well should be used more frequently.

Publish Manual Reviews

We live in a machine is driven world, though Google does not like the search engine optimization campaign to be handled by the machine. Humans are benefitted through a search engine, and thus Google does not want to make a compromise with the quality of information. In many e-commerce websites, automated or tool based reviews are often published. If such reviews are published at large number, most of them will be regarded as spam.

Nevertheless, your web page will also lose its value in front of Google. So, when it comes to publishing reviews at a large number, it is always good to have manually written as well as genuine reviews. If they are genuine, publishing more of them at a time would not be a problem. In fact, it will be good for the SEO campaign of your e-commerce platforms. To get manual reviews, you need to encourage customers in different ways. Some of the innovative ideas could be:

  • Your business can assure free servicing for the product if the customer gives genuine feedback on the product.
  • You can offer freebies to the best reviewers of your product.
  • Popular comments should be appreciated, and questions in the comment section should be answered. Creating a bridge of communication is important for encouraging people to write more contents for you.

Focus on Search Engine Indexing

You may not be posting or publishing a lot of links at a time, but the links could get indexed at a time. In simple words, different links posted on different dates may get indexed at one time. As a result, Google finds such activity suspicious even though you never intended posting a lot of links at a time. Despite doing nothing wrong, you may face the wrath of Google, and your web page ranking may suffer the consequence. So, when you are publishing new content, you should check the indexing status of the contents or links that have already been posted by you. If they are not indexed yet, you need to wait, or you should try to get them indexed. Once they are indexed, you should post or publish new links. This will help you to avoid spamming issues, and Google will always give you a good reputation in exchange for your ethical SEO campaign. To know more, you can check with Enovarius.

Why Publishing So Many Links?

Unless there is any justification, you should not post links at a high number in the small span of time. For business marketing, it is always recommended that you post limited contents. Posting so many links or contents on a single day can look like spam. Google has strict policies against spamming. It takes no time to ban websites that involve unethical business marketing practices. So, you should be careful on this regard. You need to keep your business marketing campaign as much clean as possible. Links should be created strategically. Too many published links at a time are not good. Instead of that, you can choose to publish limited links on a daily basis. This will bring you a lot of conveniences.

Automated Contents

Today, a lot of automated contents are seen all over the internet. Well, it also fetches good result to some extent. But, at the end of the day, this practice is not good, and Google will soon mark such activities as spam. So, instead of creating automated contents and publishing links for an SEO campaign, you should focus more on manually written content. There is no substitute for information-rich contents in SEO campaigns. So, you need to go for the SEO campaign in that way.


At the conclusion note, it is important to be stated that there is no substitute for the ethical link building process. You need to follow the seamless link building process with perfection in order to get the right results.

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