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Fix “Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate” Error on Android and iPhone

Pokémon GO is as yet an extraordinary game today in spite of not having the same number of players as it once did. That being stated, there are still some minor bugs and technical problems with the game. Today I returned from my work and thought of hunting some Pokémon. Yet, when I launched Pokémon Go on my Android device, an error message sprung up and stated: Unable to Authenticate. It would be ideal if you try Again. I took a stab at launching it again following a couple of minutes yet got a similar reaction. I was so irritated by this error and looked through somewhat over the web lastly thought of a root cause and few fixes. So, in this article, we are going to give a few solutions to fix Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Error.

Fix “Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate” Error on Android and iPhone

Solution 1: Airplane Mode Trick

Step 1: First, close the Pokémon Go game completely.

Step 2: Now, go to settings and turn on “Airplane mode” or directly from the quick settings.

Step 3: Now start Pokémon Go again and then you will see a pop up saying “No Internet Connectivity”.

Step 4: After then, again turn off “airplane mode”.

Step 5: Now switch back to Pokémon Go and try to “log in”.

Solution 2: Check the Pokémon Go Server status

In some cases, Pokémon Go indicates unable to authenticate a message when the gigantic number of the player would have been playing at a game simultaneously and the Pokémon Go goes down for quite a while. In this way, before trying some other trick, remember to check the Pokémon Go server status.

When checking the server status, if all you see is simply “Unstable Server” then wait for a couple of minutes and take a stab at signing in to the server again from time to time. In any possibility when somebody logs out, you can get into their space.

Solution 3: Force stop and Launch the Game again

Some Pokémon Go users also suggest that the force stopping and re-launching the game works. This is one of the easiest solutions of Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error on iOS and Android devices. So now, try to force stop and launch the game again.

On Android device: Go to Settings >> Apps >> Pokémon Go >> Force stop and launch the game again.

On iPhone: Double-click to show the recently used app and swipe up to close the Pokémon Go game. And then launch the game again.

Solution 4: Login through Google Account

All things considered, the majority of the clients want to sign in through the Pokémon Go Trainer Club (PTC) account. Subsequently, some of the time it gets full and doesn’t enable clients to sign in through the PTC server and shows unable to authenticate error while logging the Pokémon Go application. In any case, there is a choice to sign in Pokémon Go. You can pick Google Account instead of PTC so you can effectively sign in and start playing the game without an error.

Solution 5: Clear caches and try it again

Clearing caches is probably the simplest solution to fix each kind of error on applications. At times a higher measure of transitory caches may harm your device could enable some function to work appropriately. I get it additionally occurred with the Pokémon Go application. In this way, attempt to clear caches in the application and afterward again sign in. You can basically do it by heading to Settings > Apps > Pokémon Go app> Clear the cache and clear data and after that open the game again.

Solution 6: Maybe you got Banned

Nintendo teams in some cases ban clients if there is an occurrence of violating the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and the Trainer Guidelines; which includes the utilization of emulators, face GPS, using the third-party software, and more. Along these lines, if you have accomplished any of these things, at that point you might be the Nintendo has banned you for the explanation. You can affirm the ban by heading to the Nintendo’s ban page and present a ban bid. They will send you the automatic answer to ensure you got banned.

Solution 7: Make sure your device is Compatible

If you are getting the unable to authenticate error while logging Pokémon GO, at that point perhaps your device isn’t good with the Pokémon GO. You should ensure that your Android devices running 4.4+ with GPS services enabled and have a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. What’s more, on iOS devices need iOS 8 or higher, with GPS and location services and with a solid Internet connection.

Solution 8: Delete other devices from your Google account list

Google Account. Hereafter, when you attempt to login to Pokémon GO through Google Account and unable to authenticate, at that point we propose you attempt to remove different devices from the list and again sign in. Here’s how to remove it:

Step 1: First, go to Settings → Google → Sign-in & security.

Step 2: Next, scroll down to Device Activity & Notification.

Step 3: Then, tap on the Recent Used Device.

Step 4: Review devices and then tap to remove the other device.

Solution 9: Get help from the Pokémon Team

Indeed, even after trying all the above tricks, if you could make it conceivable to solve the “Unable to authenticate” or “Failed to log inerror message, at that point our last proposal is to take help from the Nintendo team. You can visit the Nintendo Support page and submit your concern over there. Without a doubt, you will get a response within 24 hours.


Well, here we have provided all the possible solutions you can try to avoid Pokémon go unable to authenticate error. I hope you tried these solutions and got rid of the login problem. Do you have any other solutions? Please do share it with us in the commenting section.

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