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PIA vs. NordVPN, which one is the best to buy now?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become very essential nowadays for every enterprise as it provides enhanced security. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is actually a technology that helps in creating a safe as well as an encrypted connection over the Internet. Thus, in simple words, it can be said that VPN adds extended security and privacy to both public and private networks, such as the Internet, Wi-Fi, etc. There are a number of VPN service providers and the two most common and demanding VPN are Private Internet Access (PIA) and NordVPN. Since both the VPN are very demanding in the market it sometimes becomes very confusing for the user to decide which one to buy. As such it becomes very essential for the people to know the features of both the VPN so that they can understand which one will serve them the best.  That is the reason why in this article we have come up with a comparison of NordVPN and PIA so that it becomes easier to decide which one to purchase.
Comparison between Private Internet Access (PIA) and NordVPN

You will get a lot of VPN service providers in the market and every VPN service provider claim to be the best. This makes people confused about which one to purchase. That is the reason why we have come up with every detail of PIA and NordVPN as follows:


NordVPN is the most popular and reputed Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is highly used by both private as well as the business of all sizes. This VPN service provider also offers excellent customer service. This robust VPN provides encrypted connections with the help of which the user can get complete protection from any kind of unauthorized access and hence NordVPN can give you the required privacy. In order to provide optimum security NordVPN actually hides the original Internet Protocol (IP) and permits its user to browse the Internet through some unspecified IP. Thus, this VPN has the capacity to provide an extra layer of protection to its user. Though this VPN provides optimum privacy to its users it never compromises with the speed. 

Another excellent feature of NordVPN is that unlike other kinds of VPN it totally supports torrent downloading. NordVPN can also be operated on all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. It also has a double VPN and has no logs policy.  Apart from that, it can also encrypt the Wi-Fi and can provide support for P2P. With this VPN you can also get high protection from the malware as it is excellent in malware and tracker blocking and provide DNS leak protection. Thus, if you purchase NordVPN then you will not suffer from any kind of traffic logging.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access is also the most popular form of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is also highly used by corporates. It has been providing excellent service since its inception. Presently this VPN has 3200 servers and these servers are basically distributed in 25 countries. This VPN comes up with a tunnel with the help of which the user can also get 100 percent protection from any unauthorized access. Unlike other VPN service providers, PIA provides encrypted connections and also hides the original Internet Protocol (IP) and allows its users to browse the Internet with some unidentified IP. Thus, when you will purchase the Private Internet Access (PIA) you will get an extra layer of protection but still, this VPN will not compromise with the speed.

Just like NordVPN, PIA also supports various operating systems and it includes Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. Apart from that this VPN also supports numerous VPN protocols, for example, OpenVPN, PPTP, SOCKS5, IPSEC/L2TP, etc. This VPN also provides protection from viruses and other malware since it comes up with tracker blocking features.


Thus, from the detailed comparison, it is seen that both PIA and NordVPN provide excellent service to its users. But when it comes to select any one VPN from PIA and NordVPN you must first check your necessities. Both types of VPN are good and you can select any one of them based on your necessities and choice.

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