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You just cannot do without these computer gaming accessories

The world of gamers is divided on the opinion about whether PC gaming is better than console gaming because in the end it is a personal choice. How comfortable you are in playing the games by using the equipment and tools at your disposal influence the choice. However, if you prefer playing games on your PC, then you must be ready to deal with issues related to hardware like gaming rig computer accessories and compatibility. The quality of visuals is much better for PC games which are also quite affordable, but the initial investment for PC gaming is higher than console gaming. It means that the user’s preference and budget determine which kind of gaming they like.

To set up a PC gaming unit, you need the right accessories for producing the best gaming experience. Some of the accessories are most basic in nature, and some others are quite advanced, and you would need both types to enjoy the games on PC. Just as console gamers would spend on gaming peripherals, PC gamers enjoy immense freedom in picking up the hardware and accessories that take their gaming experience to the next level. Depending on your needs and your gaming experience you must be familiar with the following peripherals starting from the bare necessities to the basics.

The mouse and keyboard

As you have chosen PC gaming, you must have a complete set of PC including a mouse and keyboard which are the basic requirements. Since speed is an important element for enjoying games, the mouse must be speedy enough and not the run of the mill type used for data processing.

Mouse – The Mouse comes in a wide price range, and you must not try to save money because it can hamper your gaming experience.  The mouse is an important accessory that can add punch, and the choice is between a wired and wireless mouse.

The ideal choice would be an ergonomically designed wireless mouse that is comfortable to hold upon for long duration. In addition, it must have multiple adjustable DPI levels along with two customizable side buttons typical of any gaming mouse with or without LED options.

Keyboard – There is not much difference between different brands of keyboards except for the build quality and input lag with customization as users might feel necessary like backlit displays and wrist rest.  

Monitors are basic requirements

Having got the essentials to start PC gaming, you must turn to the monitor which is a basic requirement. You need a quality monitor with adequate refresh rate and response time to match the FPS for providing a fulfilling gaming experience. Choose IPS or In-Plane Switching display that prevents warping of the image regardless of the viewing angle and focus on the parameter of savings per inch. Or you can opt for FreeSync that many gamers feel more conducive for gaming.

Going beyond the basics, the mouse pad must be large enough to cover most of the desk and for more convenience in hearing you can pick up some gaming headphone of your choice.

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