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Outdo the Casino: 13 Best Cheats and Edgy Wins

It is an exciting affair to hear of mega wins in slots. You can also win with Slotty Vegas and be among the high ranking winners to ever grace the gambling scene. This article includes the best-known cheats in the casino. It also features the biggest unique wins ever recorded.

Casino Cheats

There have been some cheaters who have hit the airwaves. Through their clever tricks, they managed to con the casinos some huge amounts of money. The following are the most known:

  • MIT Team’s Procedure

The team became well known for their strategy of card counting that earned them fortunes. Their method involved keeping tabs on the used cards. That way they could anticipate the dealer’s hand which gave them an added advantage.

  • Tapping the Power of Surveillance

The 2013 occurrence may not be the most ingenious creation. Nevertheless, the amount of cash that went missing is what shifts attention to it. Details of how the $33 million vanished in thin air are quite hazy and unconfirmed. However, the method was simple and clear. By infiltrating the casino surveillance, the hacker had access to the dealer’s hand. The information would then be shared with a player at the table.

  • The Legend of Phil Ivey

He is not just an established gambler in the casino. A cheating reputation also precedes him. It is estimated that he made $10 million by employing a trick known as edge sorting. The strategy entails learning the card contours to make out any faults. The information is then used to enhance the player’s advantage. The method is said to have given Ivey a 20% benefit against the provider.

  • Mobile phones Strategy

A trio burst approximately 1.3 million pounds from the Ritz Casino. Wonder what is their technique? The answer is the mobile phone. Through laser scan apps installed on the phones, they were able to calculate the ball’s trajectory around the table. From the graph showing the decaying trend, they could then anticipate where the ball would land. As a result, their predictions would be on point earning them big bucks.

  • The Story of Richard Marcus

It goes without saying that Richard’s name cannot miss on the list of cheaters. That is because he invested a lot of his time to perfect the craft he used. It required him two decades to build his prowess in the realm of slighting casinos through past posting. The technique is explained as making post-outcome bets. His later sleight termed as Savannah turned the previous method upside down. To show for his expertise, he retired without arrest.

  • Dennis Mikrasch’s Method

Dennis made his mark on the slots through rigorous self-discipline and training. He was so talented that he could alter the slot machine in a record time of one minute. That involved making his way into the machine and replacing the chip with his own. He would then signal his accomplice to take a seat on the machine and go ahead to win.

  • Using Counterfeit Chips

The use of fake chips is a rather new cheat mechanism. Perpetrators design their coins to resemble the original with the highest accuracy possible. It preyed on the ignorance of the cashiers and absence of proper fault detective mechanisms. Three cases stand out here:

  • Eric and Jeremy’s cases in Las Vegas where they hit US owned casinos
  • The case against Monte Carlo casino by three Britons who managed to take away $4 million
  • The unexplained occurrence of fake chips at Crown Casino

Astonishing Casino Wins

The following segment brings to light some of the epic wins to have featured in the books of slots. Many of them defy the odds, and that is what makes them stand out.

  • Patricia Demauro

She made a reputation for herself in the realm of craps. Her undisputed record of 154 rolls back to back stands as the lengthiest to ever occur. She went against all expectations even though the odds state it as impossibility. What more can we say? She has one big load of luck tucked in somewhere.

  • Ashley Revell

We have considered the risk the man took to feature in this segment. It is completely uncalled for and unreasonable. Luckily, the god of luck was on his side that day. Otherwise, he would have very easily been the guy to watch all his savings gone down the drain. His immature bet of $135,300 earned him double his investment, and so he went home a happy and contended man.

  • Fredrick Smith

Facing the looming prospects of the collapse of his company, Smith did the one thing a sane man wouldn’t do. He spent the company’s last $5000 in Blackjack in Las Vegas. What he did not know was that it would be the turning point of his company. He left the casino six times richer than he walked in. From those earnings, FedEx survived its tough period to rise to become a multi-billion dollar company today.

  • Dominic LoRiggio

Dominic is a man of many claims. But we will let his record speak for him. He managed a 75 streak and a 79 streak on the dice games, a thing he attributes to his power to influence the dice. Together with that, other accomplishments seem to validate his claims.

  • Elmer Sherwin

The winner of the Megabucks slot wowed many. He did not just win it they say, he nailed it squarely. The guy has won the jackpot twice. The first was $5 million and the second $21 million. He stands as a crusader against the possibility of the almost impossible.

  • Jessica Agbunag

The 2008 lucky gambler managed a take away reward of $2.4 million. We are not told of her smaller wins preceding her smashing jackpot. Anyway, we know she only invested $16. What a win!

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