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Okay Google What Song Is This

While a song is playing, tap Google what’s this song? To view the song Google Play Store tap the price. With Voice search. And say Okay Google what song is this. Find the names of songs playing around you with sound search for Google play. You can also Purchase identified songs on Google play or save songs to purchase later. Remember that time you were walking down the street, on the bus, at this random party and you heard a song you wanted to add to your favorite playlist and wondered  okay Google what is this song.

Download : Okay Google

A very Popular Music Identifier App is okay Google. Okay Google App Work like magic, all you have to say is “Okay Google what song is this”. And it will listen to what is playing around you and provide you with detailed information.

Using Okay Google what is this song is a stroll in the park for anyone. There are basically three ways to use this music identifier.

The first is via the regular Google Now voice command hot word, the second is manually, via a search field in the Google Now app and the third is via the Sound Search widget.

Using Okay Google via the Google hot word is the easiest way to identify music with this app. If you have the “Okay Google” hot word enabled, all you need to do is say “Okay Google what is this song” or “Okay Google What song is this”, and the app will automatically open and listen to the music playing around you and provide you with detailed information about the music playing.

The Second way is to open the Google Now app and tap the microphone in the search bar. The app will automatically listen for music playing around you and then display a musical note icon. You then proceed to tap on this note, confirming you want to identify the music playing. Thereafter, the app gets to work and provides you with all the information you need about the song playing. Also, you can decide to tap on the Search bar and say “Okay Google What is this song” or “Okay Google What song is this”, and the app will be sure to provide you with results.

Lastly, you can decide to add a widget to your homescreen. This widget performs the same functions and is called Sound Search. It is provided by Google and can work on devices running Android version 4.0 and above. The widget can be downloaded from the Google Playstore by following this link. After installation, simply go to your widget picker and drag the Sound Search widget to your homescreen. Simply click on the widget whenever a music you want to recognize is playing and it will work its magic. This widget allows you recognize directly from your homescreen.

Using this app is very easy and devoid of complications. You do not need third-party software, and you get your result without going through too many processes. &height=350 &width=650

Feature of Okay Google Identifier

Simple to Use: Okay Google what song is this

The Okay Google music identifier is unarguably one of the simplest music identifier apps to use. With just the mutter of “Okay Google what is this song” or Okay Google What song is this”, you will be provided with every information you need about whatever song is playing around you.

Beautiful Design: Okay Google what song is this

The design of the app is sleek and aesthetically appealing. If you are one particular about visuals, you will not be disappointed. Even better is the fact that its aesthetics does not compromise its functionality.

Identify Music from Your Lockscreen: Okay Google what song is this

The convenience involved with identifying music from your lockscreen is unmatched by other music identifier apps. Using Google Now ensures that even if your phone is locked, you can just say “Okay Google What is this song” or Okay Google What song is this”, and you will be able to identify any music.

Access Your Song Identification History

You can access all the songs you have ever identified using Google Now. You need not bother about what song you identified last week, as you can access your song identification history easily. To access your identification history, you install the Sound Search widget and then click on the clock icon to view all the songs you have ever identified using Google Now. You can also clear your history by holding each history song and trashing it. You can also see your history on the web by following this link. You will be able to view your identification history as a playlist.

Sync Songs Identified Across all Your Devices

All the songs you have identified via Google Now are synced across all devices in which your Google Account is signed in. You need not bother about losing any song identified because of a switch in device. Simply sign in with your Google account and every device will look the same to you.

Purchase Song Directly from Google Play and add them to Your Music Library

Amongst the information provided to you about songs identified includes a purchase link via Google Play. This ensures you do not just have knowledge of the song, but also have the option to buy the song and save for offline listen, anytime, anywhere!

Add Sound Search to your device

  • Open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  • Search for “Sound Search for Google Play.”
  • Tap Install.
  • On your device, touch and hold the Home screen.
  • Tap Widgets.
  • Swipe right or scroll down until you see Sound Search. To move the widget, drag okay Google what is this song?

View Your Search History

To view your search History, go to Google Play Sound Search. You see all searches from before you updated to Android 6.0, but new searches won’t be saved to your account.

Versions lower than Android 6.0:

  • Next to, Okay Google what song is this? Tap Clock Sound Search clock.
  • Review your previous searches.

To view a song in the Google Play Store, tap the title.

To delete your history, tap More More and then > clear all.

The Okay Google music identification app is definitely atop the others. Its many innovative features, especially its ease of access and use makes it one to be desired. Use the Okay Google music identification app and ensure you never miss out on any good song ever again.

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