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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Best Android Phone

The Samsung galaxy note 9 acceptably is the best android phone. It is the best of Samsung note 9 price and Samsung galaxy note 9 specification. This Android phone will probably be at the highest point of Samsung galaxy note price.

Samsung galaxy note 9 review will get the best Samsung galaxy phone record of this year. Be that it may, note 9 does not come with bargains. It is a best android phone which makes Samsung galaxy note 9 has many best features to utilize.

Samsung galaxy note 9 has considerable highlighted features that vast majority will overlook to this best android phone. It has also a good Samsung galaxy note that idealize programming and inexcusable standing Samsung galaxy note 9.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price, is the best android phone of weeks-long exploring process that has seen in every investigate all aspects of the android phone.

Here we discuss about all aspects about Samsung galaxy note 9. Additionally we also declare the Samsung note 9 price and Samsung galaxy note 9 specification.

Samsung galaxy note 9 Price, Review


The Samsung galaxy note 9 price is $1,000 for the entry level model and $1,250 for the best top of the note 9 models. Samsung galaxy is currently running in a promotion where you can trade in several best android phone to get a discount on ordering the note 9.

Samsung galaxy note 9 has good aluminium band round the sides marginally more prominent. The framework of Samsung galaxy note camera currently sits marginally glad form the glass back and the unique Samsung galaxy note scanner has been moved from nearby cameras to lower them.

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Samsung galaxy note 9 has a little change however has an enormous effect for ease of use see the below video for better use of best android phone ever.


The note 9 screen is as well as can be expected get on a cell phone, with brilliant, strongest features, blacks and extraordinary Samsung galaxy note 9 review points. The Note 9 has dependably been Samsung galaxy grandstand for best screen innovation.

Samsung galaxy note 9 Specification

Samsung galaxy note 9 specification lovely screen has with best resolution feature, however, as it makes the Note 9 genuinely hard to deal with without two hands.


  • Screen: 6.4in quad HD+ AMOLED (516ppi)
  • Processor: octa-center Samsung Exynos 9810 or octa-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Slam: 6 or 8GB of RAM
  • Capacity: 128 or 512GB + microSD card
  • Working framework: Samsung Experience 9 (Android 8.1)
  • Camera: double 12MP back cameras with OIS and double opening, 8MP forward looking camera
  • Network: LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, remote charging, Bluetooth 5, GPS and Iris sensor
  • Measurements: 162 x 76.4 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 205g

In the event that any best android phone would give a finger hold on the back note 9. Samsung galaxy ought to have incorporated a hand lash like the ones that accompanied android phone. Samsung galaxy could sit beside the earphone jack.

Basically, the Note 9 does look and feel like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and on the be half that you put the android phone one next to the other screen up then they are about impossible to differentiate to take a Samsung galaxy note at.

Samsung galaxy note 9 Features



  • Brilliant battery life
  • Great show and sound quality
  • Adaptable S Pen is water impervious to IP68 models
  • Unique mark you swipe down on the sensor once, yet you should do as such in the introduction you hold the gadget
  • Clever output which joins face and iris acknowledgment.
  • Works extremely well, yet despite everything you need to utilize your unique mark for general applications.
  • Good cameras
  • Remote charging stays incredible
  • Screen is just about sufficiently huge to be a reasonable swap for a 7inch
  • Stereo speakers are shockingly noisy and great

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 shown now completely noticeable, we feel note 9 are left with a best android phone gadget that, without question, is the best Android phone on the planet at this moment and, in fact in any event, the Samsung galaxy note at any point made.

What’s more in Samsung galaxy note 9, that is in spite of the Note 9 failing marginally with Samsung galaxy on right hand and simply aggressive, not champion battery.

The Note 9 appears to have finished a progress from efficiency powerhouse for work-orientated, android phone lovers, into just a Samsung galaxy that exceeds expectations no matter how you look at it, conveying a bit of equipment that makes gaming, tuning in to music, and staring at the TV and films, and in addition versatile processing in the entirety of its structures, a no trade off understanding.

All things considered, in this article in the event that you can accept the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung galaxy note 9 specifications as a matter of fact high value point. We prescribed it very well here, we hope you like this.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Best Android Phone

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