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Surface Phone rumours about the possibility of a Microsoft Surface smartphone

The “Surface Phone”, Every body interested tasked about new launching gadgets and its technical efficiency. We expose the latest update or rumours on the Surface Phone specs, features and anticipated UK launch date.

Every body wanted to know microsoft surface smartphone has many demanding device laptop, tables even thought smart watches also but till date no any surface smartphone launched by microsoft which contain windows 10. But Waiting now over “Microsoft launching new smartphone surface phone having window 10”


When “Surface Phone” Waiting Over (Release date)?

Expected Date to release surface phone is IFA 2017 (SEPTEMBER)”


Why Microsoft’s ‘Confirmed’ Surface Phone Shouldn’t Be A Phone


Redmond is not ruined with mobile technology. CEO Satya Nadella went as far as confirming that Microsoft will “make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.”


On the consumer side, Microsoft will continue to figure out its cloud based activities. Outlook, Office 365, Skype, OneDrive and others provide an interesting and highly usable environment for working on the move. Microsoft now going to think to consumers can easily operate operating system With apps for iOS and Android.


Devices look similar like the Surface Pro tablet, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio creative desktop environment are clear demonstrators of the potential of Windows 10 in specific hardware in surface phone. The rise of ultra-tablets and 2 in 1 convertibles happened hand in hand with greater acceptance of Microsoft’s hardware endeavors.


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