Special Offer on iPhone 7 Flipkart: The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus goes on Pre-Order in India on Flipkart

Special Offer on iPhone 7 Flipkart: The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus goes on Pre-Order in India on Flipkart

Before this year Apple announced that it has partnered with Flipkart, Flipkart which is India’s biggest e-commerce company for online sales is now accepting pre-orders  for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Now, Flipkart will start on taking pre-orders for the new iPhones starting at midnight today.

Here we now have to give information on the launch offer and how Flipkart plans to manage its first iPhone pre-orders.

 The Flipkart Company said, you can get cash back of Rs 10,000($150), if you have a credit card with Citibank. But sadly this cash back offer won’t be available on any other bank in India.

Flipkart is also offers Buyers can trade-in their existing Smartphones, including older iPhones. The company says it will give smart value for older Smartphones, while on Flipkart Exchange offers for Smartphones are so common but for the first time on the launch day any retailer is offering trade-in for a new iPhone.

The Flipkart Company says, “As for choosing the iPhone you want, it will allow customers pre- book any variant Smartphones including color and storage option of their choice tonight, and it will deliver the phone by 7 p.m. on Oct 7. As you would have thought, it warns that quantity will be limited for each variant. It will provide “express delivery” in some mega cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

This is possibly the time Apple is allowing Indians pre-order an iPhone online. Up to now, you could pre-order a unit, for getting an iPhone you would be in the queue but it did not guarantee whether you would get the iPhone variant you wanted on launch day itself.

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This is the first time for Flipkart to be the official online retail partner with Apple. Until now, the e-commerce giant had trusted on third-party retailer on its marketplace to sell Apple products.

Flipkart won’t just be selling the new iPhones but it will also sell all Apple products including iPads, Macs, older iPhones and accessories. Like this it won’t have to trust on third-party resellers and would be able to tap into Apple’s sharing channel directly.

Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus will be launched on October 7 in India.

The full price list of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus looks like this:

  • iPhone 7 with 32GB storage at Rs 60,000,
  • iPhone 7 with 128GB storage at Rs 70,000,
  • iPhone 7 with 256GB storage at Rs 80,000.
  • iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB storage starts at Rs 72,000,
  • iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB storage at Rs 82,000,
  • iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB storage at Rs 92,000.

Apple has done away with 16GB and 64GB storage base options.

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