Sony’s Other OS Settlement Is Live, Claim Your Money

Sony’s Other OS Settlement Is Live, Claim Your Money

Anyone who bought an original playstation 3 between November 1,2006 and April 1,2010 is suitable to receive $55 from sony.This is due to sony removing the other os feature,which let players install Linux on their system, from the Playstation 3 out of security concerns.

A Proposed settlement has been reach in a class action against sony Computer Entertainment America LLC challenging the issuance of the update to the “other os” functionality.The Other os function enabled user to run linux as an alternative operating system on fat ps3s.

Wondering IF you can get money get? Terms for that :

Class members who submit a claim with required proof of purchase and proof of use of the other os.

If you are fail into either of those two category,Then you can fill out a claim online by click on below link:

All consumers who purchased an original-model playstation 3 console before april 2010 are eligible to receive a $9 payment by filling out an online claim forms.Users who can provide proof of installing an alternative operating system on the playstation 3 prior to the loss of other os compatibility may receive settlement payment as high as $55.


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