Samsung is buying the Siri team’s new startup to have a future in AI

Samsung is buying the Siri team’s new startup to have a future in AI

Samsung is just buying its personal assistant rather than create its own. The company has announced it’s obtaining Viv Labs, a startup formed by the creators of Apple’s Siri personal assistant, for an unrevealed amount of money. Both TechCrunch and CNBC reported that contract via confirmed directly in this medium post.

Viv Labs publicly revealed its next-generation artificial intelligence assistant back in May. The product was capable to successfully handle a series of complex user requests, knockout an audience at Disrupt NY.

According to TechCrunch, an AI and assistant system co-founded by Viv- Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus, and Chris Brigham step by step deceased. Apple Inc following the company’s achievement of Siri in 2012 and have been working in later years. Now they’ll be under Samsung, but Viv Labs will operate as an independent company.

The Samsung Company said it isn’t approaching artificial intelligence as largely as Google or Apple. Our focus is really more device-centric,” Samsung mobile unit CTO Injong Rhee said in a recode interview. “How do we revolutionize how users interact with our devices and our appliances?”

Rhee said it is an area that Samsung is investing more in and said the first fruits should show up in next year’s flagship Galaxy phones, with future plans to integrate the technology into televisions and other Internet-connected gear.

Viv’s perspective, Kittlaus said, focuses on idea that the best artificial intelligence systems will need to work in an open way with thousands of partners, operating more like Wikipedia than today’s more closed automated assistants.

Even as Samsung doesn’t have the best historical track record of integrating software and service companies,  at the same time  Rhee pointed to the recent purchases of Loop Pay and Smart Things as showing that the company can successfully bring outside services into the company.

Kittlaus also said he became satisfied in recent months that Samsung was the right partner.

This move of the Samsung Company break any efforts dependence on Google Services; Samsung Pay battle directly with Android Pay, and now Viv might be Samsung’s answer to the big feature in Google’s new hardware family. Samsung is fully dedicated to AI.

The deal was lead by Samsung’s Global Innovation Center, the unit run by former Google executive David Eun and also the group behind $200 million SmartThings deal.

See what Kittlaus talking about Viv:

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